Hypochlorite disinfection cayapa in La Asunción

Photo: courtesy of the Mayor's Office of Arismendi

The mayor of the Arismendi municipality of Nueva Esparta state, Alí ​​Romero Farías, reported on the strengthening of the disinfection plan in this jurisdiction to continue protecting the population from the spread of covid-19.

Romero, indicated that throughout last week and at the beginning of this, the mayoral team, together with the councilors and the support of the VEN 911 officials, was deployed in the communities where positive cases were presented, thoroughly disinfecting each one of the homes.

He indicated that the sectors that have been addressed with the plan are: Atamo Sur, Buenos Aires, El Copey, Santa Isabel, San Martín de Porres, Cocheima, Camoruco, Catalán, Playa Guacuco, Atamo Norte, La Guarina, Palosano and will continue until cover the entire municipality.

Likewise, the mayor delivered biosafety material to the municipal healthcare centers in order to guarantee the protection of health personnel. "We donated more than 500 KN95 masks, endorsed by the WHO, to health personnel who are on the front lines of the battle at the Manuel Antonio Narváez, David Espinoza and Nelson Sayago Mora hospitals, from Asic 4," he said.

The mayor urged the population to abide by biosecurity measures to counteract the spread of the virus. "We continue to call for prevention and make use of the biosecurity measures issued, we all know how to do it, use a mask, maintain clean hands and physical distancing to avoid more infections," said the mayor.



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