The Carvativir continues to reach the regions

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The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, ordered the distribution throughout the country of the antiviral - carried out by Venezuelan scientists - Carvativir for its prophylactic, therapeutic and regenerative use, after being approved by the health authorities of the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (Ivic) .

20 thousand Gothic Carvativir will be distributed in Los Teques

A total of 20.000 goths of Carvativir will be distributed in the first phase in the state of Miranda, informed the mayor of the Guaicaipuro municipality, Wisely Álvarez, regarding the arrival of the Venezuelan antiviral at the Victorino Santaella Hospital in Los Teques to combat the coronavirus.

Álvarez indicated that in the first instance the medicine will be distributed in this sentinel center and later, it will be taken to the Comprehensive Diagnosis Centers (CDI).

For her part, the Secretary of Health of the Government of Miranda, Marelia Guillén, said that this drug produced in Venezuela represents an achievement of the country's scientists who pay tribute to treatments to combat the virus. "This is the effort of the scientists of the Ivic and of the entire country, who went to work to produce a drug that would be outside the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, a blockaded and besieged country," he commented.

Cojedes already have their anti covid drops

A total of 556 vials of Carvativir reached the Cojedes state. The antiviral was received by the health personnel of the Egor Nucete hospital in San Carlos.

The news was given by the doctor Maiker Ruiz, the only health authority in the entity, who indicated that treatment would begin in patients with covid who are in the sentinel centers. 

In this sense, Ruíz explained that prophylaxis with the so-called “miraculous droplets of José Gregorio Hernández” will continue in the Lame population. 

The Carvativir was received in the sentinel centers, in the main hospitals of the entity and units were sent to the Comprehensive Diagnosis Centers (CDI) Ezequiel Zamora, José Félix Rivas, José Laurencio Silva, Negra Hipólita, Libertad de Cojedes, Sol de Taguanes , Hermanos Monagas, San Juan Bautista Pao, Antonio José de Sucre and Francisco de Miranda, distributed in the 9 municipalities of Cojedes.

Governor Margaud Godoy praised the drug, noting that it is a recognition of Venezuelan medicinal plants, such as Thyme and Oregano, and raises the necessary levels of the immune system. 

Likewise, the president thanked all the Cojedes health personnel who continue to provide care to the communities and carry out PCR and PDR tests to discard and diagnose the coronavirus.

Godoy, called for the necessary protection and biosecurity measures to be more vigorously maintained during the two weeks of radical quarantine that began on March 22 in order to cut the chain of contagions of the covid and its variants P1 and P2. 

1.061 bottles of Carvativir will be distributed in 23 health centers in Falcón

The governor of Falcón, Victor Clark, reported on the radio chain that a shipment of 1.060 vials of the antiviral Carvativir had reached the entity. They will be distributed in 23 Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers (CDI) and the sentinel hospitals of Coro and Punto Fijo.

The information, corroborated by the Secretary of Health Jesus Osteicochea, highlights that the drops will be provided free of charge to mild, moderate and severe patients infected with covid-19 who deserve it.

These Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers are distributed in the 25 municipalities of the region, so it is expected, starting this week, to begin the delivery of the antiviral.

Both Osteicochea and the first regional president classified as extraordinary and efficient the drug of national production and promoted by President Nicolás Maduro, for the protection and health of Venezuelans against the coronavirus pandemic.

With information from the correspondents Iralva Moreno, Alimar Bueno and Lisbeth Barboza



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