The Carvativir bites and spreads through the regions

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The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, ordered the distribution throughout the country of the antiviral - carried out by Venezuelan scientists - Carvativir for its prophylactic, therapeutic and regenerative use, after being approved by the health authorities of the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (Ivic).

Carvativir, which is an antiviral with an inhibitory effect on the replication of the new coronavirus, will be distributed to all health centers: Sentinel Hospitals, Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers (CDI), Comprehensive Rehabilitation Rooms (SRI) and outpatient clinics in the national territory .

Portuguesa already has its "miraculous droplets"

The governor of the Portuguese state, Rafael Calles, indicated that the entity arrived this weekend with the first supply of Carvativir that will begin to be distributed to the ambulatory network to strengthen the prevention and treatment of covid-19.

"Here is the Carvativir and I start taking it today," Calles said in his weekly program Portuguesa Fuerza Radio.

He indicated that this first shipment from the national government is made up of 907 antivirals and "many more will reach us in the coming days."

More than 7 thousand Carvativir units arrive in Zulia

A shipment of 23 packages of Carvativir arrived in Zulia state, broken down into 7 units of the anticovid drug, described by President Nicolás Maduro as “the miraculous droplets of José Gregorio Hernández” that neutralize the symptoms of the coronavirus. 

The governor of the state of Zulia, Omar Prieto, said that the antiviral will be distributed in the hospital network of the state starting with the sentinel centers, Hospital Universitario de Maracaibo and Hospital Santa Bárbara in Sur del Lago, in order to add this drug to the treatment of patients diagnosed with covid-19 and recover their health more quickly. 

He stressed that with this new health tool it is expected to increase the effectiveness of the treatment and continue to guarantee the health of the people of Zulia. 

Carvativir administration begins in Nueva Esparta

In Nueva Esparta state, the first batch of Carvativir was received with 2.421 vials, "sent by President Nicolás Maduro to protect and improve the health of the neo-Spartan people, with this important treatment for covid-19," as reported by the protector of the entity, Dante Rivas.

He indicated that distribution is being made in all health centers in the state and that, thanks to this immediate action, the administration of the "miracle drops" to patients infected with this virus has already begun under the coordination of the single health authority. , Maira Velásquez, and the guidance of the regional epidemiologist, Aída Gamousse.

“In Nueva Esparta we are very grateful to our President Nicolás Maduro for sending the miraculous drops of José Gregorio Hernández, which will undoubtedly help us to heal our patients, to protect our people. We are going to guarantee their effective distribution and administration to the neo-Spartans who require them, ”he said.

Likewise, he indicated that he has the support of Dr. Pilar Ramírez, from the Barrio Adentro network, the entire structure and health personnel of the island entity articulated in the General Health Staff.

Barinas receives 647 Carvativir treatments

The first batch of the "miracle drops" Carvativir arrived in Barinas, as part of the treatment that will be applied to patients infected with coronavirus.

This Sunday, the health authorities of the entity received the boxes containing 649 treatments of the drug, produced in the country to neutralize the Sars-Cov-2 virus.

The sole health authority in the state, Nellys Molina, accompanied by the directors of the sentinel hospitals and the chief of epidemiology, explained that “following the health protocols, the miraculous drops will be supplied exclusively to those people who contracted the coronavirus and that the treatment it is totally free ”.

He highlighted the effectiveness of Carvatir, explaining that it is a broad-spectrum antiviral that emerged through a line of investigation by the Venezuelan State to counteract the pandemic, as well as guarantee the life and health of all the people.

"On behalf of the health team, we thank the National Executive, the Governor, for the efforts they make to distribute this drug, which was created by a group of scientists in our country and which has been proven effective," declared Molina.

Deltanos already have the Carvativir

This Monday the head of the Regional Health Directorate in the Delta Amacuro state, Dr. Yajaira Segovia, announced the arrival of Carvativir drops to the entity to care for patients with Covid-19 symptoms.

"There are 256 bottles of the miraculous Carvativir drops that reached the Delta," Governor Lizeta Hernández also reported this Monday in her customary radio program "Lizetica in contact with her people."

Dr. Yajaira Segovia explained: “It was done to treat suspected or positive patients with covid-19. In this first stage, this medication will be administered to symptomatic patients, after a test carried out, in addition to a personalized record of each one. In a next stage, which should be in the course of the same week, the use of the drops will become widespread so that it can be used preventively ”.

The Carvativir drops have a particular dosage of administration, according to the characteristics of the patient: "It is easy to use, since it is orally, they are drops placed under the tongue for better absorption, each dropper is a patient, which must be carried a proper record, ”explained Segovia.

They clarified that all the drugs they are using seek to minimize the symptoms of this disease, so it is imperative to continue to comply with the biosafety measures established by the authorities.

Merida received 1.061 units of Carvativir

The protector of the state of Mérida, Jehyson Guzmán indicated that 1.061 units of Carvativir arrived in the Andean region on Monday, which will support the treatment of patients against covid-19.

They were distributed this day in the 18 Comprehensive Community Health Areas (Asic) of the entity, Guzmán explained in the framework of the meeting of the state political team of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), which was held in the Center of Convenciones Mucumbarila in the Libertador municipality, says the CorpoMérida press release.

He highlighted that the distribution of Carvativir units in the Asics of the entity was carried out as follows: Timotes 15, Mucuchíes 50, Tabay 25, Milla 60, San Jacinto 60, Ejido 80, Llano Seco 50, Rómulo Gallegos 35, Rómulo Betancourt 35, Santa Elena 50, Tucaní 50, La Azulita 30, Santa Cruz 31, Tovar 100, Nueva Bolivia 75 and Canaguá 15; while the Hugo Chávez Frías Hospital in El Vigía and the Autonomous Institute Hospital Universitario de Los Andes (Iahula), sentinel health centers, 80 units each.

More than 1.000 doses will be applied in Guárico

In the Guarico state, a total of 1.061 Carvativir drugs or "Miraculous Drops" were received, in a first phase in the Llanera entity, they will be destined to strengthen the care protocols for covid-19 patients during their improvement process.

This information was released by the single health authority, Rayner Rondón together with the government secretary, Freddy Ali Gómez, from the Health Region of the Llanera entity, who detailed that in this phase they will be distributed in the sentinel health centers, Centers of Comprehensive Diagnosis (CDI) and outpatients, prioritizing covid-19 patients.

Likewise, he explained that Carvativir, together with DR-10, are two components that the national government has placed at the command of world health, which in Venezuela have allowed thousands of affected patients to recover. "The earlier they take Carvativir, we neutralize the effects of the coronavirus."

Therefore, the regional health representative pointed out that this also complements the preventive protocols in order to eradicate the spread of the virus, together with the immunization day where in a first phase it was possible to vaccinate more than 3.480 workers from the first row of health , to which is added the second phase with the immunization of teaching staff and continuity of care for medical staff with more than 3.000 doses.

With information from the correspondents: Kariney Pimentel / Mayerlin González / Tania González / Naiyelis Garcés / Leylianith Cedeño / Angelo Navarro



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