Budget approved for fiscal year 2021 in Yaracuy

The budget was reviewed and approved by the state Legislative Council.

The Yaracuy state budget for fiscal year 2021 is five billion one hundred and eighty-three thousand eight hundred two million sixteen thousand four hundred thirty-six bolivars (5.183.802.016.436) after being reviewed and approved by the Council
Legislative state, informed the president of that instance, Víctor Patrizzi, in a press release.

Likewise, Petrizzi stated that Governor Julio León Heredia presented a budget in which the largest investment will be allocated to the Health sector with 24,10%; followed by the areas of Urban Development, Housing and Related Services, with 10,27%. They are followed by Social Security with 6,29%; Education 4,05%; Security and Defense, 2.85%; Industry and Commerce, 0.98% and, finally, Social Development and Participation with 0.84%.

"We approved the budget for Governor Julio León to continue developing large-scale works and protecting the people through the different social programs developed by the Regional Executive to provide a better quality of life for Yaracuyanos," he stressed.

The Yaracuy State Budget Law is an instrument of government, administration and planning that the Executive Power
proposed and sanctioned by the Legislative Power. It expresses, in financial terms, the production of goods and services that the state demands and that the State Executive serves during the fiscal year.