Bridge over the Burgua River inaugurated in Táchira

With an investment of more than 2 million euros, the national government through the Ministry of Popular Power for Public Works and the Táchira state protectorate inaugurated the bridge over the Burgua river, in just 8 months, after 3 and a half years without formal step.

In this regard, the protector of the Tachira entity Freddy Bernal said that the bridge has a length of 120 meters, which will benefit about 70 thousand producers and more than 600 vehicles daily.

"We are celebrating with the construction of such a beautiful work that comes to solve a problem of isolation between both states and also that it is a highly productive area of ​​meat, milk, vegetables," he said.

The event was attended by GD Angel Moronta, Comadante de la Zodi Táchira, Dr. Edgar Medina president of Asogata, Mayors of the municipalities Torbes, Fernández Feo and Libertador, in addition to the producers of the area who expressed their gratitude to the national government for having complied the word of the Minister on his most recent visit.  

The producers speak

Edgar Medina, president of the Táchira State Livestock Association thanked the national Government and the State Protector for seeing this achievement achieved for all both the producers of Táchira and the producers of the Apure state.

The completion of this important work was the result of joint work, jointly between the national government, the Protector, the Ministry, the mayors, communal councils and the producers to have the bridge over the Burgua river ready, Medina pointed out.

"Today that we are here we ask God and nature to preserve it for us for a long time so that it is of the enjoyment and passage of all of us who are here in this area," he said.



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