Bicentennial Torch begins tour of municipalities of Monagas

Authorities and community members of Ezequiel Zamora receive the name Homeland

The Carabobo Bicentennial Torch began its tour of the western part of the Monagas state this Saturday, starting with the Ezequiel Zamora municipality (Punta de Mata), where it was received by the authorities of the jurisdiction and representatives of the Communal Power.

The Motherland flame was received at the monument of the Virgen del Valle located on the national highway that communicates with the center of the country and which gives entrance to the Zamora municipality, where cultural events were held and the local parish priest, Mauro Martínez blessed the blaze .

Governor Yelitze Santaella presided over the event, who walked with the Torch accompanied by Mayor Raúl Brazón, Divisional General (EjB) Luis Beltrán Bauza, second commander of the Integral Defense Operational Zone (Zodi) Monagas; and Brigadier General (EjB) Luis Ernesto Ramírez, commander of the 63rd Engineer Brigade.

The Sagrada de Carabobo flame will remain for three days in Punta de Mata, where the municipal authorities and the Popular Power will honor them. 

Governor Santaella expressed during her speech at the event that “Zamora today proudly receives the sacred fire that carries within itself the libertarian blood of that emancipatory feat. With that strength inspired by the winners of Carabobo, today we continue with the commitment to fight for Venezuela ”.

For his part, Mayor Raúl Brazón said that Zamoranos are proud to receive the torch that represents the heroes and heroines who gave us freedom with the Battle of June 24, 1821.


During its tour of Zamora, the Bicentennial Torch will be under the custody of students from the Training School of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), Leonardo Infante, from Punta de Mata, who will be responsible for moving it this Sunday to Plaza Miranda, where members of the Uncosur commune will pay tribute to them. Later, the National Fire will go to Plaza 5 de Julio, territory of the Espada de Bolívar commune, and then to Plaza Bolívar in Punta de Mata, where it will be received by the inhabitants of the Sembrando Futuro Socialista commune. The libertarian blaze will be taken to the El Tejero parish, on Monday, May 3, where they will pay tribute to it in the Bolívar Square of that population.

Other municipalities

The schedule indicates that the Sacred Fire of Carabobo will continue its path to the municipality of Aguasa (Tuesday, May 4), Santa Bárbara (Tuesday, May 4 and Wednesday, 5), Cedeño (Thursday, 6 and Friday, 7). Then it will correspond to the municipalities of the northern zone such as Piar (Friday 7 and Saturday 8), Acosta (Sunday 9 and Monday 10), Caripe (Monday 10 and Tuesday 11); it would pass to the east in Punceres (Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12), Bolívar (from Wednesday 12 to Friday 14), and culminates in the south with Libertador (Friday 14 and Saturday 15), Sotillo (Saturday 15 and Sunday 16), and Uracoa (Sunday 16 and Monday 17 May).



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