Bernal: "We are going to give a Bolivarian fight to the traitorous opposition of the AN"

The first in the list of the Great Patriotic Simón Bolívar Pole (Gppsb) in the state of Táchira Freddy Bernal; he met with the 121 Bolívar Chávez Battle Units (UBCH) of the Ayacucho municipality, which “are going to guarantee the victory of the candidates of Circuit 2 Low Mountain Johana Rosales and José Rojas; the future deputies of the Homeland to the National Assembly (AN) ”.

The purpose of the meeting was to activate the Network of Articulation and Sociopolitical Action (RAAS) in each territory of the state, highlights the press release.

He recalled that the RAAS is a weapon of territorial control with which we measure every street, every urbanization, every field, every house; we know where the adversary is and "we know how our leaders are who are going to guarantee victory on December 6," he mentioned.       

“We are going to give a Bolivarian fight to the treacherous opposition that is in the AN. An opposition that does not deserve to govern this country, an opposition that raised its hand twenty-one times to approve the blockade against Venezuela, an opposition that managed to confiscate the bank accounts of PDVSA and the Venezuelan State, an opposition that managed to prevent us from selling a a barrel of oil, an opposition that managed to prevent the Republic from getting a penny, an opposition that managed to steal Citgo and Monómeros CA from us, an opposition that managed to sabotage gasoline production, an opposition that managed to prevent us from having money to invest in the electrical interconnected system, and for that reason, we have been subjected to innumerable power outages ”, he specified. 

He commented that despite the difficulties in Táchira and the criminal blockade, there will be Christmas. Instructions have already been given to the directors to beautify and decorate the Christmas atmosphere with little trees, mangers; play gaitas and carols that brighten these festivities. "Have no doubt that despite the difficulties, the Bolivarian Halleca and toys will arrive, because this right will not end the smile or the hope of our people," he said. 

For his part, MG Ovidio de Jesús Delgado Ramírez, Cmdte. of the Strategic Defense Region of Comprehensive Defense No. 2 gave his Christmas message to the people of Venezuela, the people of Táchira and the military family in which he affirmed that Christmas is a time of peace, of union, of recollection, of forgiveness, to recognize our mistakes and to unite all of us as a single sun to shine together on the path of the great, beautiful, free, sovereign and independent Venezuela that we all Venezuelans dream, want and deserve.

The message was offered from the patio of Zone Command No. 21 of the Bolivarian National Guard and added that from REDI No. 2 Los Andes with its beautiful Andean states Táchira, Mérida and Trujillo, we wish all of Venezuela and the whole world a Merry Christmas 2020 and a prosperous Happy New Year 2021 in perfect civic military police unit. 

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