Protein plan benefited more than 4.450 families in Barinas

Governor Argenis Chávez accompanied the tour of the Venezuela sector 2

More than 8.9 tons of beef and mortadella were distributed this weekend in the Obispos municipality of Barinas state, as part of the distribution cycle that is carried out through the Ministry of Food and Pdval.

This Sunday, the protein plan reached the Guasimitos parish, benefiting more than 4.450 families. 

Governor Argenis Chávez, accompanied by Mayor Alexis Avendaño, toured the Venezuela 2 community to deliver the food combo to 390 families in this sector.

He indicated that in coordination with the national government, the Barinese are served in priority areas, especially the vulnerable population.

He stressed that all efforts are being made and plans are reviewed to move forward with the delivery of food through the Claps throughout the Barinese territory.



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