Authorities inspected businesses in the regions

The National Superintendency for the Defense of Socio-Economic Rights (SUNDDE) and the Ministry of Commerce, with the support of troops assigned to the Integral Defense Operational Zone No. 62 Bolívar, carried out a deployment of inspection and supervision of seven establishments and commercial premises of Ciudad Bolívar, Bolívar state.

Also participating in the inspection were the Decentralized Service for Standardization, Quality, Metrology and Technical Regulations (Sencamer), the People's Guard Regiment and the Bolivarian Militia, who checked the dollar and euro currency rates, as well as the determination of the existence or not of the commission of fiscal and / or tributary illicit.

It was learned that said commission also observed the implementation of the new monetary cone, while ensuring that the inspection will continue to make sure that there is no price rebinding in commercial establishments, and in turn the application of biosecurity measures within the commercial establishments of the entity.

The Sundde installed during the supervision of the businesses, a desk for receiving complaints, where the consumer can go with the certainty that their concerns and complaints regarding illicit by the businesses, will be heard, attended and their needs.

The information was provided by the team of the Integral Defense Operational Zone No. 62 Bolívar.

The consumer can make complaints at the complaint points

Sundde verify prices in Falcón before new monetary expression

To ensure compliance with fiscal and biosafety regulations in commercial establishments and large chains in Falcón, the National Superintendency for the Defense of Socioeconomic Rights (Sundde) in the entity deployed about 150 prosecutors with the intention of verifying that businesses do not Remark or speculate with prices before the entry and validity of the new monetary expression in Venezuela.

Given the report of several complaints of which the number or the municipalities with the greatest frequency in the entity were not offered by the Sundde, about speculation and the rebinding of prices on products by merchants since October XNUMX , the prosecutors focused on Punto Fijo, Coro, La Vela, Dabajuro, Tucacas and Cumarebo, seeking to respect the preferential rate for transactions in foreign currencies of the BCV in shops and for prices to be published in visible places.

Likewise, since Friday, October 8, complaint reception points were installed in Linares and Bolívar squares in Coro, Bolívar in Dabajuro; at the ZODI in Punto Fijo and on Miranda street in the municipality of San Francisco during business hours from 00:4 am to 00:XNUMX pm.

This Monday, consumers reacted on social networks to the rise in price of some food products such as eggs, meat, chicken and vegetables, requesting the Sundde to be present in popular markets and to monitor merchants who were warned that the Commerce Minister Eneyda Laya pointed out that they must maintain the agreed prices.

The price of the dollar on which many merchants base their transactions was located this # 4Oct in Bs 4,18 (BCV) and Bs 4,51 (Dollar Today) which represented a decrease compared to its value during the weekend which stood at Bs 5,10 the parallel.

They verify that businesses do not highlight or speculate with prices

With information from Bolívar and Falcón correspondents, Ivannia Moreno and Lisbeth Barboza, respectively.



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