17-year-old man drowned in the Apure river

Pedro Alberto Lemo Gamarra, 17 years old, was found dead in the Apure River. Photo: Civil Protection

The body of young Pedro Alberto Lemo Gamarra, 17 years old, was found dead by Civil Protection officials this Monday, August 23, after being dragged by the strong currents of the Apure River, on Sunday, August 22, when he bathed in the Puente María Nieves sector.

According to information provided by the Director of Civil Protection Apure, Colonel Raúl Freites said that "from the very early hours of this Monday, the search commission was activated to locate the citizen disappeared by immersion in the Apure River, inhabitant of the Las Playitas sector, San Fernando urban parish ».

Freites added that the acting entities had the support of the Urban Firefighters Corps, the National Institute of Aquatic Spaces, Civil Protection and the Organized Community. He stressed that the work to locate and recover the body of Lemo Gamarra was carried out shortly after the search began, being found in the January 23 sector, adjacent to the María Nieves Bridge.

The authorities and residents of areas near the María Nieves bridge call on the community not to swim in the mighty river to avoid events to be regretted.



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