They apply second dose of Sputnik V in Falcón

A batch for the second dose of the Sputnik V vaccine arrived in Caquetías lands since last Monday, September 13, which are being applied in the different immunization centers to people who were vaccinated between May 21 and June 7, as reported at a press conference by the Secretary of Health, Jesús Osteicochea.

Osteicochea, who pointed out that Falcón is among the first most vaccinated states in the country, said that the vaccination plan against covid-19 was intensified, which since its inception has immunized more than 300.000 people.

«Hasta la fecha se tienen desplegados en la geografía falconiana 22 puntos de vacunación fija en la región, en las próximas semanas se abrirán nuevos espacios en los municipios Píritu y Tocópero», puntualizó Osteicochea.

The head of the health portfolio in the region highlighted that, supported by the new home-to-home vaccination modality, it has been possible to dynamize those vaccinated in the entity, fully complying with national guidelines.

"Falcón has enough doses to continue taking the plan from home to home, which has as a priority to serve the elderly, prenatal pregnant women over 15 weeks and people with disabilities of legal age," concluded the health official.



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