Anti-covid vaccines continue to arrive in the regions

Covid-19 vaccines continue to arrive in the country's regions to immunize front-line personnel in the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

President Nicolás Maduro assured this Monday - during the beginning of the vaccination of Education workers - that until Sunday, March 7, 70 percent of the first 100.000 doses of the Russian Sputnik-V vaccine had been applied, destined for this first phase mainly to health personnel.

Merida receives the batch for the second dose of Sputnik V

Authorities from the sentinel hospitals of the state of Mérida received, this Tuesday at night, the batch of the second dose of the Sputnik V vaccine distributed by the National Executive to continue with the immunization scheme against Sar-CoV-2.

The director of the Instituto Hospital Universitario de los Andes (Iahula), Indira Briceño, confirmed the arrival of 3.360 vaccines to be applied to prioritized health personnel who have already received the first dose.

He explained that the second dose of the vaccine will be administered according to the form given to each health worker inoculated with the first dose, following the corresponding protocols.

He added that to reach the goal of the first vaccination dose of Sputnik V, the number was raised to 400 vaccinated workers per day. "Since there is still a lack of health personnel, with this increase from 100 vaccinated to 400 it is projected to culminate this first day, next Friday," Briceño clarified.

The second dose of the Russian antigen arrived at the entity on Tuesday night

Likewise, at the Hugo Chávez Frías University Hospital in El Vigía, 370 doses of the Sputnik vaccine were received from the Ministry of Popular Power for Health, informed the director of this health center, Manuel Maldonado.

Maldonado recalled that to have complete immunization against the coronavirus, two doses must be applied, with this batch the scheme applied in this first phase to the prioritized personnel would be completed.

The vaccines arrived in Cúa, Miranda state

In the Comprehensive Community Health Areas (Asic) of the Rafael Urdaneta municipality in Miranda state, the application of the first dose of the Vero Cell vaccine, from China, began. 

Dr. Mireya Quevedo, director of the Asic Lecumberry in Cúa, reported that there are more than 120 doses that will be given to doctors, doctors, nurses and nurses, who are part of the first chain of contact. "The vaccine is being administered to health personnel who daily carry out the necessary investigations, house by house, made up of the Cuban medical mission together with the Venezuelan team."

He said that the day is to prevent and capture the new variant of the virus, from Brazil, whose arrival in Venezuela registered the figure of ten infections, including three deaths, and announced: "In the next 21 days the second dose of vaccines ”. 

Quevedo said that health personnel received an informative workshop on the Vero Cell vaccine, from the facilities of these health facilities, in order to generate the necessary information on the drug from China.

"We are going to be prepared to face the situation and reduce the cases in the population, we must continue to give an example of effort to be able to save lives, not only with medical care but also raising awareness among citizens," he said.

The doctor said that the health team continues to be deployed to detect people with symptoms characteristic of covid-19. "If a suspected case of coronavirus is detected, the patient will be immediately subjected to the PCR test to verify the presence or not of the virus in the individual."

Health personnel will continue to be deployed in the communities to detect cases with the new Brazilian strain. Photo: Mayor of Rafael Urdaneta. 

Vaccination of Carrizal medical personnel begins

To advance the process of immunization against the coronavirus, the vaccination of frontline medical care personnel began in Carrizal, Miranda state.

The Carrizal Mayor's Office received a first batch of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine, thanks to the links established with the Ministry of Health, reported the newsletter.

The director of the Llano Alto Comprehensive Community Health Area (ASIC), Audrey Moya, indicated that they were provided with a total of 120 vaccines, distributed in the first instance to the Villalobos Comprehensive Diagnosis Center (CDI) and the Llano Alto CDI.

He pointed out that the first-line triage personnel in the outpatient clinics Madre Carmen Rendiles, in the central district, and Blessed Dr. José Gregorio Hernández of Montaña Alta will gradually be vaccinated: "which are the health centers that work 24 hours for symptomatic respiratory patients or asymptomatic of the covid ”.

He reported that currently the municipality has eight active cases, which are in isolation and finishing treatment and then carry out a control test and discharge them.

The reactivation of the Canaima sanitary hotel is planned in order to care for and protect people who are asymptomatic or with mild to moderate symptoms.

Photo: Carrizal Mayor's Office

With information from the correspondents Agusmir Guarache, Airamy Carreño and Iralva Moreno



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