Another Communal Center for Women was inaugurated in Anzoátegui

With this center there are 12 spaces inaugurated for the comprehensive care of women

This Saturday, April 10, the second Communal Center for Women was inaugurated in the Anaco municipality, and number 12 in the Anzoátegui state.

Marcia Moreno, regional director of the Ministry of Women and Gender Equality, reported that this new center located in the Nuevo Milenium sector will help more than a thousand women, of about seven, to train, grow and protect a life free of violence. communal councils.

“We are opening a center for comprehensive care for women in the Commune, offering tools for their defense with the Community Defenders, Humanized Childbirth Plan and community production. The Communal Centers for Women were born from the idea of ​​expanding the experience of the gestational support rooms of the Humanized Childbirth Plan, seeking to eradicate patriarchy, "added the spokeswoman.

In the company of the protector of the municipality, Liafran Figueredo, they handed over to the Popular Power that new center in the Eulalia Buroz Commune.

Figueredo thanked the support of MinMujer and the Anzoátegui Corporation to crystallize Communal Centers for Women in the jurisdiction whose policies will multiply in each commune, thanks to the impulse that the Popular Power will give to the Communal Cities Law.

For his part, the deputy to the National Assembly, Luis José Marcano assured that he will continue to multiply efforts "to add new Community Centers for Women in Anzoátegui every month until they build a socialist and feminist society together with each other."



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