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There are 9 drinking water wells inaugurated in Apure

The Apure state government, led by Ramón Carrizalez, inaugurated a deep well in the town of Elorza, Rómulo Gallegos municipality, benefiting more than 1900 families with the vital liquid, this thanks to the joint work with the Ministry of Water, Hidrollanos and the Mayor's Office of Romulo Gallegos.

The regional president stressed that these wells are drilled with equipment that the government has in a hurry in loan with the Rural Development Institute (Inder) and explained that these "are equipment recovered in the east of the country, we repair them and put them at the service of our people".

He reported that «we are drilling wells of 60 meters, in order to supply water to all those communities that needed it so much and in this way give continuity to the services, with this inauguration today we arrive at the drinking water well number 9 distributed in the whole entity is in a hurry ».