Activated structural plan for water distribution in Zulia

They will activate a plan for the attention of breakdowns, which go on two levels, breakdowns in large adductions of the Tulé system and breakdowns on boats and water leaks.

The Minister of Popular Power for Water Attention, Evelyn Vásquez, held a meeting with the General Staff of public services in the state of Zulia, where a comprehensive structural plan was activated to guarantee the improvement and distribution of drinking water in the 21 municipalities in the region. 

He expressed that they reviewed the temporary and conjunctural situation, as an extraordinary event, on the turbidity of the water in the sources that feed the municipalities with the largest population such as Maracaibo and San Francisco from the Plant C.

Indicó Vásquez que la turbidez del agua es producto del período lluvioso, siendo un evento extraordinario, «porque tenemos el fenómeno La Niña en desarrollo, con varias ondas tropicales, que han producido esos eventos». 

Resaltó que junto al Estado Mayor de los Servicios Públicos acordaron diferentes acciones, como el plan de reincorporación y mejoras de rehabilitación que van a permitir realizar mezclas distintas, «que nos ayuden a estabilizar y producir el agua, siendo un plan integral que requerimos». 

Among other actions to be carried out, the reestablishment of two production lines that are being incorporated into the Tulé System stands out, with water from three rivers and the fourth production line enters, which allows the incorporation of two thousand liters of the second. 

The head of the water portfolio, emphasized that they will guarantee the chemical substances for the purification of water, to improve its quality.

Vásquez agregó que también activarán un plan para la atención de las averías, que van en dos niveles, averías en grandes aducciones del sistema Tulé, » Hemos abordado más de 30 averías, que han mejorado los niveles de producción de Tulé 1 y 2″. 

He said that for the breakdowns related to the boats and water leaks, a different scheme has been proposed, which advances towards the popular government of the waters and the formation of brigades, with men and women trained and trained in the Inces together with the workers hydrological, which will allow the territorialization of immediate care brigades, more effective for the communities.

The minister stressed that in Zulia state they start with 16 brigades, made up of plumbers, masons, helpers, welders, which will allow progress in a transfer of service from the operation of the technical water tables, and thus improve speed and attention in the water boats. 

On the other hand, Vásquez said that they reviewed the rehabilitation of deep wells that are being developed in the San Francisco municipality, where the incorporation of other water wells is expected. 

He reported on the work being carried out in the municipalities of the Eastern Coast of the Lake to improve the distribution of the water service. 

The Bolivarian National Armed Force participates in the comprehensive structural plan for the elimination and adaptation of illegal water intakes.

For his part, the governor of Zulia, Omar Prieto said that during the meeting temporary situations that occur in the flows of the rivers that supply the reservoirs were evaluated and corrective measures were taken to improve the quality of the water that reaches the purification plants. . 

The meeting was attended by M / G José Santiago Moreno Martínez, Commander of the Western Integral Defense Strategic Region and G / D Manuel Castillo Rengifo, Commander of the Zulia Integral Defense Operational Zone, in addition to several Zulia mayors and representatives of public institutions, who join in the work to guarantee the population a quality water service.



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