They activate situational room to report failures in urban cleaning

They will adjust schedules to take out the garbage.

To improve waste collection in the Aragüean capital, the Maracay mayor's office activated a situational room where complaints from the communities about service failures will be received, for which a direct line was created that will respond to the requests of the residents of the different parishes of Maracaya.

“Through various telephone numbers published on our social networks, either through calls or messages via WhatsApp, the inhabitants of the Los Tacarigua, Pedro José Ovalles, Andrés Eloy Blanco, Joaquín Crespo, José Casanova Godoy, Madre María and Las Delicias parishes , they will be able to be taken care of, which will allow to speed up and make our work in the collection more effective, and to immediately attack small sources of waste in any area of ​​our Maracay ”, explained Mayor Pedro Bastidas.

Likewise, the president referred to the importance of keeping up to date with the rates of payment for cleaning, together with the coordinated work between the organized community and the Girardot Maintenance Institute, to adjust the schedules for the placement of garbage at the points of harvest.

"It is important to recover the work system that we have been managing, but the commitment of all those involved, communities and local government, is also important, working hand in hand we can continue to advance towards the construction of the city that we all want," he emphasized Bastidas.



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