They accelerate the anticovid vaccination plan in the states

The mass vaccination plan against covid-19 continues to advance in the states of the country for the immunization of the population over 50 years of age, as well as for workers in the education and university sectors. This Friday government authorities from the states of Trujillo, Yaracuy, Portuguesa, Monagas, Miranda, Monagas, Barinas and Bolívar, gave a boost to the massive national immunization plan in order to reach the goal of vaccinating as many educators as possible before the start of the school year, which is estimated to be with face-to-face classes.

In the state of Trujillo, the first phase of vaccination against covid-19 of workers in the university sector began this Thursday, which includes teachers, administrative personnel and workers; This was reported by the director of the Simón Rodríguez National Experimental University (Unesr) Jean Piero Osuna, from the old headquarters located in La Beatriz, Valera municipality.

Speaking to Últimas Noticias, Osuna pointed out that the goal is to immunize more than 5 workers from both public and private universities, according to data from the Ministry of Popular Power for University Education in Trujillo state.

“We have already made a link with public institutions such as the Mario Briceño Iragorry Polytechnic University (Iuptmbi), the University of the Andes Rafael Rangel University Center (Ula-Nurr), the Libertador Experimental Pedagogical University (Upel), the Open National University (One) , of course Unesr, and we have also contacted private universities such as the Momboy Valley (Uvm), the Mario Briceño Iragorry University Institute of Technology (Iutembi), the Dr. José Gregorio Hernández University Institute of Technology (Uniher), that is to say all the universities and technology companies that work in the entity ”, he stated.

Osuna indicated that the first dose of the Chinese Vero Cell vaccine is being applied this day; He also assured that his second application is guaranteed after 21 days.

"I want to highlight all the support of Dr. Jacqueline Peñaloza de Rangel, president of Fundasalud, the governor Henry Rangel Silva and the commander of the Comprehensive Defense Operational Zone G / D Lenin Herrera, so that we can fulfill this day," he said.

Meanwhile, at the Institute of Social Welfare and Welfare of the Ministry of Education (Ipasme), Valera headquarters, around 180 first doses of Chinese Vero Cell vaccine have been placed on university sector personnel, said the director of this organization, Jodanny Parilli.

He also explained that the immunization day is not only taking place in Valera but also in Miranda, Boconó and Trujillo.

“We are vaccinating at Unesr and Ipasme de Valera; Likewise, in the municipalities of Miranda, Boconó and Trujillo there are points deployed to develop the vaccination day, which we began yesterday, Thursday, ”Parilli pointed out.

Finally, the director of Unesr Jean Piero Osuna said that these immunization sessions are framed in the safe and healthy return to classes, under the national 7 + 7 scheme, complying with all biosafety measures and above all with the guidelines of the executive national.

Teachers waiting for their turn to be immunized.

In Portuguesa they will apply mechanisms to accelerate vaccination

New mechanisms and "any alternative" will be implemented in Portuguesa to accelerate vaccination against covid and meet the goal of applying 7.000 daily doses, announced the entity's governor, Rafael Calles.

After participating in a videoconference with the General Staff for the Prevention of the coronavirus in the region, the president reported that in Portuguesa only 19% of the population (139.000 people) has been vaccinated, which translates into more than 10 percentage points per below the national average, which is 30%.

"We must increase vaccination with new mechanisms and we are generating them," he said, specifying that the first task will be to reinforce the number of vaccinators in the 31 vaccination centers set up in Portuguesa.

Calles pointed out that itinerant vaccination points will also be activated and transport units will be enabled to mobilize people who reside in distant areas to the immunization centers and even to go to those sites to vaccinate.

He said that the objective is "to put ourselves in the national average and achieve the vaccination of 70% of our population at the beginning of October, to guarantee a safe return to school," so he did not rule out the possibility of home-to-home vaccination or any another option, “any proposal is viable”.

The Portuguese president stressed that in the state there are more than 120.000 first doses of the Chinese vaccine and this availability allows 12.000 people to be inoculated daily in the next 14 days.

"With these doses we should get to vaccinate 84.000 people per week to equal the national average," he said.

Less than 50% of meeting regional vaccination goal in Yaracuy

The national vaccination days against covid-19 have registered 272.510 doses applied in the state to date
Yaracuy, which represent 53.2% of the total number of people estimated to be immunized, which is approximately 520.000 (70% of the total Yaracuyana population).

The governor of the entity, Julio León, this Friday reported that the sessions are progressing successfully in the 14 vaccination centers installed in the entity, one in each municipality, which work every day to apply the corresponding inoculations.

He recalled that the goal is to vaccinate 70% of the population to achieve the so-called herd effect or herd immunization, which is expected to underpin the progressive de-escalation of the epidemic in the region.

León mentioned that the sessions continue without news and that there are enough doses to meet the daily demand throughout the state without problems. Until this week, 49.957 doses of Chinese vaccines from Sinopharm and Russian Sputnik V have arrived in Yaracuy. He added that the contagion curve has begun to fall thanks to the immunization of the population, so the state president makes a call to those who still They have not been vaccinated to do so to help eliminate the disease gradually.

They enable itinerant vaccination center

He also stressed that this Thursday a mobile clinic was installed that will function as an itinerant immunization point, which will be for a few weeks in the center of San Felipe, specifically from Monday to Friday in the Sucre square of the Independencia municipality and on Saturdays in the market municipal of that jurisdiction.

At this point, all persons over 18 years of age who have not yet received their corresponding immunizations will be received.

He reiterated that the only way to eradicate covid-19 is with herd immunization and strict monitoring of biosecurity measures. "We must not lose heart in this fight and all together we must make our contribution by taking care of ourselves and others," he stressed.

On the other hand, he pointed out that the capacity of places to care for infected people is 532 unoccupied beds, which represent 74.4% of the total of the 715 beds that were enabled throughout the state to face the contingency.

The governor meant that the early detection of covid-19 saves lives, so at the slightest indication of symptoms of the disease, the nearest health centers should be visited to carry out the test to rule out or to corroborate the presence of the coronavirus and take immediate action on the case.

More than 231 thousand people vaccinated in Monagas

A total of 231 thousand 355 people have been vaccinated against covid-19 in the Monagas state, through the implementation of the National Vaccination Plan executed by the national government, as reported by the single Health authority, María Solarte.

He specified that since the beginning of 2021, 126 thousand 146 women and 105 thousand 209 men have been immunized in the eastern entity, with the application of biological products Sputnik V, and Vero Cell from the Chinese laboratory Sinopharm.

The regional director of Health highlighted that the Monaco region received to date 254 vaccines since the first reception on February 946 of this year, but that they are waiting to receive another batch, after the arrival in Venezuela of new products biological.

Solarte also announced the start of vaccination against the coronavirus for 17-year-olds with some type of disability and those who are studying medicine or careers related to the health sector. "We have made good progress in the mass vaccination process, which is why Monagas has 27 vaccination points, distributed in the 19 Comprehensive Community Health Areas (Asic), and that they have qualified personnel for this purpose."

350 teachers will be vaccinated in Charallave

The mayor of the Cristóbal Rojas municipality in Valles del Tuy, Humberto Marte Tejada, reported that 350 educators from Charallave, Miranda state, will be immunized against covid-19 and its variants, next week.

This was announced during the installation of the Secretary for Comprehensive Attention and Strengthening of the Education sector, at the headquarters of the Municipal Superintendence of Taxes in Cristóbal Rojas (Sumatcrir). Marte Tejada specified that in the jurisdiction only 10% of the teaching union have been vaccinated, therefore, the organization of a structure that really meets the requirements of the educational sector in the locality began.

In the municipality there are 1.319 educators and 335 mother processors. "Of the figure, only 10% have been vaccinated and on the eve of going back to school we are going to initially immunize 350 people from the education sector."

By October, the authorities estimate to serve 700 teachers with the inoculation of vaccines against the coronavirus. “I ask the organization of the educational union for care; that from the Mayor's Office of Charallave we cover everything related to logistics. We are already channeling the biological product, which will be assigned by the Secretariat of Regional Epidemiology and the Ministry of Health, "said Marte Tejada.

Likewise, the mayor said that the creation of the Secretary for Comprehensive Care and Strengthening of the Education sector has the mission of assisting, reinvigorating and managing social, medical aid, and other areas for the good living of teachers in the municipality.

Marte Tejada stated that 312 classrooms distributed in the 12 educational circuits are being intervened. “We are going to generate social care sessions where there will be care in matters of health, food, vaccination against the pandemic, laboratory tests, among other social issues that teachers and professors require. From this secretary, communication, organization, investment and politicization of the resource that is being invested in an equitable manner must be strengthened, ”he said.

He announced that he will soon meet with the members of the System of Missions and Great Missions on the eve of reinvigorating them at all levels.

They enable two anti-covid vaccination points for educational personnel in Barinas

To guarantee the immunization of all personnel in the education sector, this Friday, two new anti-covid vaccination points were activated in the city of Barinas.

From the Liceo El Libertador, Ramón Ignacio Méndez parish, Governor Argenis Chávez indicated that the new phase of the Mass Vaccination plan against covid-19 was deployed for teachers, administrative staff, workers as well as the cooks of the country with the objective of ensuring a safe new school year under the 7 + 7 mechanism.

«We are strengthening and intensifying the Vaccination Plan. The Simón Jiménez school and this high school were set up as points to serve the Ministry of Education staff. We will extend these days in the different municipalities ", he declared.

For her part, Dr. Mirla Castellanos, head of the Educational Zone in the state of Barinas, indicated that the "A Drop of Love for my School" Plan was also started with the intervention of 18 institutions in the first phase of the program.

"The first seven schools to be attended are scheduled to carry out works such as replacement of roofs, waterproofing, minor repairs and the provision of tanks under the coordinated work between the government and the national Executive," he explained.

He stressed that efforts are being joined to improve infrastructure and ensure the return of more than 192 thousand students to classrooms in the Barinese territory and provide adequate conditions in times of pandemic.

Bolívar's indigenous population receives vaccine against covid-19

The indigenous communities of Bolívar, specifically in the Sucre municipality and neighboring populations of native peoples, receive the vaccine against covid-19.

Chief Germán Fernández explained that the covid vaccination plan began in the different ancestral towns of the Sucre municipality, as well as in the Angostura del Orinoco municipality.

Yamilet Flores, municipal health coordinator, commented that with the support of the Bolívar State Public Health Institute (Ispeb) the vaccination plan is being carried out in indigenous communities.

"In Guarataro the assistance has been voluntary, it is very little because we were vaccinating according to the program established nationally through the Patria System, but we will address the rest of the population as long as they support us with transportation and the arrival of more vaccines" .

Flores, reported that a large number of indigenous people in the Moitaco parish have already been vaccinated directly by the Ispeb indigenous health team, "our goal is to vaccinate the more than a thousand original brothers who live in these ancestral lands."

In Angostura del Orinoco, the Ispeb, through the Directorate of Indigenous Health, carried out a comprehensive community health approach and vaccination against covid-19 in the Zea and José Antonio Páez parishes.

The Cerro e Mono, Mata de Tapaquire, La Montañita, and Mayagua communities of the foreign parish Zea were also served. Itoy Ponkon Community, from the Pemón Town, José Antonio Páez parish, where medical consultations, blood pressure and diabetes screening were also carried out.

Likewise, gynecological consultations, deworming, delivery of medical treatments were carried out that benefited more than 900 people from the communities.

With information from the correspondents: Rebeca Viloria Peña, Kariney Pimentel, Carlos Vielma, Greissy Marcano, Airamy Carreño Espejo, Naiyelis Garcés and Ivannia Moreno.



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