A thousand second doses of Sputnik V arrive in Trujillo

The governor of Trujillo, Henry Rangel, reported on Wednesday the arrival of a little more than a thousand second doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine to the entity, which will be inoculated to the people who received the first dose before June 7, 2021 .

During the broadcast of his radio and television program Al día con Rangel Silva, the president recalled that around 22 Trujillanos are waiting for the second dose of the Russian biological.

“A few days ago a second dose of Sputnik V arrived, not all 22 arrived, a little more than a thousand arrived and the order given by the Ministry of Popular Power for Health is that we put those few second doses to those people who they received the first dose before June 2021, XNUMX, ”he explained.

For this reason, Rangel Silva called on the immunized population, before the indicated date, to approach the center where the first dose was placed.

“We are waiting for more doses to reach us to complete the scheme for this population. We will be reporting ”, he added.

The governor stressed that the immunization of the population is maintained with the placement of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine at the various points established by the Trujillana de la Salud Foundation (Fundasalud), following the mass vaccination plan implemented by the national government.

Rangel Silva indicated that so far 229 thousand 458 Trujillo residents have been vaccinated against covid-19, which represents 37,21% of the goal. “My call to people is to get vaccinated, to attend the authorized centers. We are vaccinating in the small towns (house to house). We are going to get rid of this virus to a large extent ”, he concluded.



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