Apureñas indigenous communities are served by the FANB

Five of the 7 municipalities that make up the state of Apure have been affected by the heavy rains that have fallen in recent days, the Commander in Chief of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, G / D. Leonardo Alfredo Bello Ortega, in charge of the Integral Defense Operational Zone No. 31 Apure, indicated that the National Plan Against Disasters and Public Calamities has been activated.

The military authorities detailed that they are deployed in all risk areas, mainly in the indigenous communities that belong to the Achaguas municipality, moving to the place in boats, on the route through the Matiyure, Arauca and Apure rivers, they verified and monitored the situation with affected communities.

Bello Ortega said that: "the indigenous communities called La Gloria, Rosita and Queseras del Medio, of the El Yagual parish of the Achaguas municipality, are made up of approximately 180 families, in which we were able to detect that all the homes are flooded."

The commander of Zodi 31 stressed that: «we are in these communities approaching house by house, man by man, our population should not feel isolated or abandoned as the Bolivarian National Armed Force, we are going to reach every corner of this state, wherever it may be. a family that cannot get out due to the onslaught of water and floods ».



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