In Bolívar they provide resources to strengthen the forestry sector

The Minister of Popular Power for Ecosocialism, Josué Lorca, delivered to 20 carpenters from Upata, resources for the operation of the downstream forest industries of the more than 250 that will be delivered in Bolívar within the framework of the day that began at the national level , refers to a press release from the Minister of People's Power for Ecosocialism.

He stressed that the day is part of the strengthening and relaunch of engine No. 11 of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda, "which comes to fulfill the dreams of our commander Hugo Chávez, return the wood to the people, so that it reaches the neighborhoods and communes, as well We leverage the new eco-socialist Venezuela (…) at this moment we deliver the first 20 adjustments to all the carpentry and sawmills and forestry industries in Upata, in addition to the more than 250 that we will deliver in the entity ”.

"Upata is a good potential for the whole country, therefore, it will become the first epicenter of wood for the country and the development of all downstream industries and finished product industries, this as part of the measures for overcoming of the economic war ”., said Lorca

The act, which constitutes the beginning of the National Days of Adequacy of Forest Industries, seeks the sustainable management of natural forests, plantations and forest reserves, under an economic, productive and Ecosocialist model, which considers the ecological, geographical, social realities, cultural and technological.



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