They plan to apply a vaccine against covid-19 for the first quarter of 2021

The Minister of Health, Carlos Alvarado mentioned the vaccination plans against covid-19.

The Minister of Health, Carlos Alvarado, from the Yaracuy state, reported this Friday that all the steps are being taken so that in the first half of next year the vaccine against covid-19 begins to be applied in the country.

The senior official was in San Felipe, Yaracuy, at the graduation ceremony of 72 comprehensive community physicians and 28 specialists in General Medicine, graduates of the Hugo Chávez University of Health Sciences. At the event, he mentioned the vaccination plans against the coronavirus.

He commented that the Russian Sputnik V vaccine is in phase 3 of experimentation in Venezuela, as is the case in several other countries where its high effectiveness against the coronavirus has already been demonstrated.

Alvarado highlighted that the Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, was recently in Russia making the arrangements for the acquisition of the first lots that will be applied in Venezuela in the first quarter of 2021.

He stressed that vaccination will be developed in phases, serving the most vulnerable people with higher priority, that is, health personnel, older adults and people with some morbidity, and then continue with the rest of the population.
The minister considers that he will coexist with the coronavirus for approximately one more year, so preventive health measures must be kept in strict compliance to avoid infections and possible outbreaks in the country.

He also reported that simultaneously the Venezuelan government is negotiating with China the incorporation of its vaccine to the immunization plan against covid-19 that is planned for next year.

Likewise, conversations are being held with Cuba so that Venezuela can join the research work on the vaccine being developed in that country to advance the experimentation phase and have it as soon as possible "the only way we can say that we have already won the battle it is when the whole country is vaccinated and immune, and we are taking care of that to start as soon as possible, but until that happens we will continue to fight with prevention and citizen awareness, ”said Alvarado.

Regarding the Comprehensive Social Care Posts (Pasi), the minister mentioned that they continue to function and that they are only
closing those that no longer have more people, but will not be disabled, they will remain active in case they are needed
as long as the pandemic continues.