Yaracuyan public institutions join the popular fervor for Goyo

Photo: Courtesy of the Mayor's Office Aristides Bastidas

Since last Friday when the Doctor of the Poor, José Gregorio Hernández, was beatified, state institutions began to install altars, shrines, figures, murals and other reminders and symbols in his name to join the popular fervor for this Venezuelan saint and the joy that overwhelms his new position before the Catholic Church.

Several Yaracuyan city halls are installing altars or figures of the medical saint at their entrances so that the parishioners can somehow approach him and send their requests.

Such is the case of the Mayor's Office of San Pablo, Arístides Bastidas municipality, where the municipal authorities built a small chapel with the figure of José Gregorio Hernández, in which believers can leave flowers, make their requests or simply pray to him.

Mayor Marcos Pérez highlighted that the Venezuelan people celebrate with joy the beatification of José Gregorio Hernández, and that is why the municipality provides a space in which the congregation can share their faith in the Doctor of the Poor.

In Yaritagua, homage is also paid to the blessed doctor with the installation of a ceramic mural that local artists Erick Ramos and Ángel González made on behalf of the Peña Mayor's Office for the Yaritagüeño people.

Photo: Courtesy of the Mayor's Office of Peña

The work is located in one of the main streets, near the town hall, where the followers of the blessed can come to enjoy it and venerate his figure.

"The people pay homage to their saints and here in Yaritagua we do it with that beautiful mural so that everyone can enjoy it and get closer through it to our beloved José Gregorio Hernández, protector of the poor, sick and dispossessed," stressed the mayor of Peña, Juan Parada.

The Mayor's Office of Independence in San Felipe also placed a figure of the saint at the entrance of its headquarters so that everyone can approach it to share a while and ask what they want. From the moment of its placement, believers do not stop to admire and adore it.

Photo: Courtesy of the Mayor's Office Independence


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