Yaracuy resumes Social Tourism program with a visit to Campo Carabobo

On this occasion, 138 representatives from various sectors were invited

This Tuesday the Yaracuyana Tourism Corporation (Coryatur) reactivated its Social Tourism program with a guided visit in the Campo Carabobo historical park, in Valencia, Carabobo, which this week opens its doors to the public in its preoperative phase called Bicentennial 200, with which It commemorates the 200 years of the battle of June 24, 1821 that sealed the Independence of Venezuela.

The president of Coryatur, Egilda Figueredo, reported that this activity restarts the program that serves vulnerable sectors with excursions, tours, walks and visits to tourist sites.

The purpose is that people who do not have access to recreation, leisure and tourism may have the possibility of doing so with the support of the revolutionary government. 

He stressed that the plan had been suspended with the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, but now, in the new normal, it is reactivated with the implementation of strict biosafety measures, such as the mandatory use of masks and the constant disinfection of hands, vehicles that are used and sites that are visited.

On this occasion, 138 representatives from various sectors were invited: older adults, community councils, cultural groups, tourism students and the media.

The transfer of the people was done with the support of six modern buses of the Ministry of Popular Power for Tourism (Mintur), from Yaracuy to Carabobo, round trip. The tour was not only done in Campo Carabobo and its improved facilities, it also included a tour of the historic center of Valencia where the guests visited the most emblematic museums and places of the city. 

“We are reactivating our Social Tourism program, this time visiting this extraordinary Campo de Carabobo historical park, which now offers so many attractions and interesting services for the town.

The plan is to advance to the extent of the possibilities and restrictions until we regain our previous rhythm of attention ”, said Figueredo.

For his part, Roberto Martínez, representative of one of the invited cultural groups, said that the program is truly extraordinary, which is why he applauds the initiative of Coryatur and Mintur. "These are activities that must continue and that the people fully support", Martinez stressed. 

The recrativa initiative carries out excursions, tours, walks for vulnerable sectors


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