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Yaracuy is declared on epidemiological alert due to increases in cases

The governor of Yaracuy in his radio program on Fridays "Contact with Julio León" reported that the entity is declared in a state of epidemiological alert because the reported cases of covid-19 have increased by 1.200% in recent weeks, For this reason, the security measures implemented during the current radical quarantine that lasts until next Sunday, April 4, are accentuated.

He stressed that the ban on the transit of people and vehicles after 4 in the afternoon throughout the Yaracuyano territory remains in force, and after that time the Police and the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Fanb) will enforce the measure, for the good of all.

León recalled that all businesses, regardless of the type of business they are engaged in, may open between 8 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon, extending that schedule until 6 in the afternoon only for bakeries and restaurants that only deliver at home .
Pharmacies and establishments dedicated to the sale of medicines and medicines are exempt from the measure, which may open their doors until 4 in the afternoon and after that time sell at the box office.

Public transport is only authorized to operate until 4 in the afternoon, while transport service units
Socialista Bus Yaracuy will only operate until 3 in the afternoon.

I also announce that on Yaracuy Day (March 28) and April 1, 2, 3 and 4 (last days of Holy Week) no business may open at any time nor will the circulation of people or vehicles be allowed on the streets. . Pharmacies can sell, but only through the external box office.

León stressed that the measures and restrictions are applied for the good of all and recommends taking the necessary provisions for the days in which the movement of people in the streets is not going to be allowed.