Women sector and communication as political machinery in Guárico

Swearing-in of women and communicators from Guárico.

In Guárico state this Friday, the Darío Vivas Campaign Commands corresponding to the women sector and communication at the regional level were sworn in, which as political machinery will be deployed in each of the communities of the 15 municipalities, focused on highlighting the importance of the next elections to the National Assembly on 6D.

These activities were developed in the capital city of San Juan de los Morros, Juan Germán Roscio Nieves municipality, with the participation of different national and regional personalities.

With regard to the women's bloc, the swearing in was in charge of the vice president of the women's sector of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) at the national level, Gladys Requena, who expressed "When a woman advances, no man backs down," referring to the role that they have had in the different democratic processes that have increased the development of the country with the participation of the people.

For this reason, the Guariqueño leader José Vásquez argued "you will carry the guarantee of peace in each of the communities along with the message that the people will return to the AN", referring to the representatives for the Llanera entity in the face of the parliamentary elections next 6D, carry the essence of each of the communities, since they are originally from them.

For her part, the national political representative of women, Gladys Requena, asserted that the violet movement will not lower its guard and will continue to keep the revolution undefeated by constantly approaching the communities, guaranteeing the benefits and social protection for which the movement has been characterized. Bolivarian Government.

Communication and revolution

From the facilities of the Legislative Council of the Llanera entity, cWith the presence of the candidate, the national list voted and the director of the Cuatro F seminar, Gustavo Villapol, was sworn in by the Campaign Command of the communication block corresponding to this entity.

For this reason, Villapol explained that these sworn men and women aim to make the entire content of the Anti-Blockade Law known to the people through a conscientious mobilization campaign that will show the world the truth about Venezuela.

“Here we go, our communicational artillery to continue promoting the communicational revolution, with the commitment to defend and spread the truth of Venezuela, with the objective of rescuing our National Assembly. Of course we will win! ”Said Daniel Álvarez, who is the head of the Darío Vivas Communication Campaign Command of the Guárico state in the region.

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