With the Chinese vaccine they immunize the staff of Barrio Adentro in Monagas

In Maturín, the process of immunization of the CDI staff with the Vero Cell begins. Photo: courtesy Ana Rodríguez.

With the application of 1.548 doses of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine, the immunization plan against the coronavirus of the Barrio Adentro Mission staff in Monagas state began, as reported by Joselin López, coordinator of this program in the entity.

The official pointed out that the vaccine was distributed in the 19 Comprehensive Community Health Areas (Asic), which were enabled in the Monaco region, and of these, seven are located in Maturín.

López indicated that the immunization plan began in the capital municipality and was later extended to the rest of the 12 localities that make up the entity.

The regional coordinator of Barrio Adentro expressed that thanks to the cooperation agreements with the Republic of China, the Government was able to acquire these biological products that will allow, in a first phase, to immunize those who are in front of the Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers (CDI) to attend to patients infected with covid-19.

He assured that for the application of the vaccine, all safety protocols are being met, keeping its storage at a temperature between 6 to 8 degrees, so it can be easily transferred in cellars and that allows easy handling of the product.



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