With a day of identification, the Saime office in Carora reopened

In Carora 4.500 children are registered and ready to register.

In Carora, capital of the Pedro León Torres municipality in Lara state, the office of the Administrative Service for Identification, Migration and Foreigners (Saime) was completely rehabilitated.

This Monday, February 22, the administrative headquarters were made available to users of Torrenses with the execution of a identification day for the first time to children and adolescents of the town.

The national director of Saime, Gustavo Vizcaíno, who was accompanied by Alana Zuloaga, Vice Minister of Internal Policy and Legal Security; Governor Adolfo Pereira and the mayor of the jurisdiction, Edgar Carrasco, announced the operation of the office.

Vizcaíno pointed out that it was qualification 102 in what corresponds to facilities of this type, located throughout the national territory.

Regarding the days of identification of children that began on January 25, he said that it will end on March 26, so he made a call to the people of Carranza to process the documentation of the 4.500 children who are registered and ready to register.

Meanwhile, Zuloaga stressed that: "despite the blockade and the various difficulties, from the Ministry of Popular Power for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace, they continue to work in perfect unity to offer the Venezuelan population the appropriate responses to their various needs."



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