Voting tables installed for the Psuv primaries in the states

The National Electoral Council (CNE) has installed the polling stations in each of the country's regions, for the holding of the Open Primary Elections (EPA), of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), with the aim of that the people elect the candidate for governor and mayors who will represent them before the red awning.

In Anzoátegui state, the CNE installed 100% of the polling stations in the 21 municipalities of the state this Friday.

The director of the Regional Electoral Office, Dichelys Guevara, reported that at 11:30 in the morning everything was ready in the 230 voting centers enabled for the process this Sunday, August 8.

Guevara reported that the CNE enabled 230 voting centers, in which there will be 231 polling stations and one million 123 thousand 213 voters are enabled throughout the state. 

The José Bernardo Gómez School Group, located in the Barrio Sucre sector of Barcelona, ​​is the only nucleated center that has two tables for the exercise of the vote of some 17.123 voters.

The spokeswoman said that the voting centers for the Psuv primaries will be open from six in the morning and that according to the route designed in the horseshoe, the voter will not take more than 30 seconds to vote.

Guevara indicated that all logistical, technical and operational conditions have been guaranteed with the deployment of the technological infrastructure of 231 main voting machines and 73 contingency machines, all with the Integrated Authentication System (SAI).

He said that the spaces enabled to function as voting centers were previously disinfected and that for this process all biosafety measures are met to avoid contagion of covid-19. He recalled that to participate you only need an identity card and a mask.

Altos Mirandinos will have 53 polling stations this Sunday 8A

The Altos Mirandinos subregion, Miranda state, will have 53 nucleated electoral centers for the celebration of the Open Primary Elections (EPA) of the Psuv for this Sunday, August 8 with the support of the CNE.

This is how Guaicaipuro will have 39 nucleated centers. While Carrizal and Los Salias will have seven respectively.
At noon on Friday, August 6, the polling stations were installed in most of the centers of the subregion with total normality and without eventualities.

Ilustre Americano, República El Paraguay, Roque Pinto, Anita Espinal and Siso Martínez are some of the centers that completed the installation process in the central area of ​​Los Teques.

One of the centers was the José Manuel Siso Martínez State Educational Unit, located on the old Caracas-Los Teques highway, which carried out the process normally.

In this regard, the head of Ubch Siso Martínez, Brismer Antillano, explained to Últimas Noticias (UN) that the installation of this center was carried out without incident with the support of the CNE team.

"We installed without incident or setbacks, we are prepared to develop the process in harmony," he said.

For her part, the regional director of the CNE in Miranda, Rebeca Ramos, expressed by telephone: “everything is going very well. As it is an internal election of the Psuv we only provide technical support. The National Electoral Commission of the Psuv, asked the National Electoral Council for technical support to carry out its internal process that is going normally, "he said.

They will activate more than 400 polling stations in Zulia

The director of the National Electoral Council, Mariana Medina, reported that for August 8 in the primary elections of the Psuv they will deploy their technological platform, where they will enable 478 voting centers and 483 polling stations in the 21 municipalities, where 2.537.692 will be able to cast their vote. XNUMX voters. 

Medina indicated that voters should consult the nucleus that corresponds to them for this election on the CNE website. "The voter will have the opportunity to cast 2 votes and may select an option for Governor of the State and for mayor of their respective municipality."

He highlighted that more than 80% of the authorized voting centers were installed, with total normality. He recalled that these elections of the Psuv, comply with strict Biosafety measures, "for which we urge voters to come with their identity card and mask."

He added that the voting centers are being disinfected thanks to the support and participation of the fire brigades and civil protection, likewise "once the electoral event is over, they will be disinfected again."

Medina stressed that voters who registered in July will not exercise their right to vote until November 21, when governors, mayors, legislators and councilors are elected. 

Voters registering in June or July for the first time will participate in the November 21 elections. 

In the state of Zulia, the municipalities with the most electoral centers are: Maracaibo 129, San Francisco 41, Cabimas 40, Mara 28, Baralt 22, Colón 21, Guajira 20. 

Cojedes ready for the primaries this Sunday

Members of the internal Electoral Commission of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela in Cojedes, took stock of what has been the process for the Open Primary Elections (EPA) that will be held on Sunday, August 8, throughout the country, to elect the flag-bearers of the red awning, ahead of the November 21 elections. 

Nosliw Rodríguez, Coordinator of the Electoral Commission in Cojedes, recalled that all persons registered in the Permanent Electoral Registry will participate in these elections and that 89 centers will be nucleated in Cojedes. "In each voting center there will be a polling station that will have 5 table members, they will be in charge of running the entire process," Rodríguez stressed. 

For his part, Jesús Alvarado, a member of the commission, stressed that there are 200 pre-candidates and pre-candidates, of which 10 women and 10 men aspire to be flagged for the governorship and 180 to the nine mayors. He urged the population to go this Sunday, August 8, early in the morning to the nucleated center to participate in this democratic process. "If you still do not know where you should vote, you can send a text message to 2406 with your identification number from your mobile phone and you will receive a message indicating the nucleated center where you participate," he explained. 

Alvarado also reported that the voting mock was held in all the nucleated centers of Cojedes, which allowed the people to be oriented and evaluate some details, saying that everything is ready for the democratic party on August 8.

Bolívar has 243 voting centers for the Psuv primaries

Daniel Prieto García, regional director of the National Electoral Council (CNE) in Bolívar state, reported that the deployment of the system of voting machines and electoral party for the primaries of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela in the state.

Prieto announced, "We have 243 voting centers, with 245 tables, one table per nucleated voting center, under strict biosafety protocol, we will work with the usual horseshoe, it is an electoral process with the entire structure of the National Electoral Council."

Likewise, the regional authority of the CNE explained that as the regular elections are held, so will be on Sunday, August 8, with the participation of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces; They have already taken the voting centers, as well as the Cantv, Ministry of Education, Educational Zone, Fede, Corpoelec, Movilnet and all those who daily accompany the electoral processes, the mobilization and logistics is complete.

In the primaries of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, all citizens can participate even without being a member of the Psuv, to choose the candidate for the governor of Bolívar and for the mayor of the corresponding municipality.

"The electoral registry in full is open to participation, the leadership of the Psuv requested an open process without political distinction, they can vote without being registered in the ranks of the party, the intervention is for all those who are registered in the Electoral Registry", Prieto said.

Check your center

The voting centers are nucleated, in each parish there will be at least one electoral center, according to the structures and organization of the PSUV, so that the voter knows where he belongs, he must enter the CNE web portal in the Electoral Registry for Primary Elections Psuv Regional and Municipal 2021.

Likewise, the voter can send a text message to 2406 accompanied by the identification number, he will immediately receive a message, the exact location where he must exercise his right in these primary elections. 

Everything ready in Yaracuy for internal elections of the Psuv

Everything is ready in Yaracuy for the development this Sunday of the internal elections of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), according to the state coordinator of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Frank Molleja, commented this Friday.

The official explained that 151 nucleated voting centers were set up, in which voters who wish to participate in these elections do so freely. In Yaracuy there are 484 voting centers registered with the CNE but only the 151 referrals will be used, which will be strategically located so that voters can access them within their own communities.

He said that the electoral material and equipment were distributed without incident this Thursday and Friday with personnel from the Plan República, which is in the centers guarding everything until the elections, which will be held between 6 in the morning and 6 in the morning. afternoon of this Sunday, August 8.

The representative of the electoral body in the entity mentioned that there are 151 voting machines and 40 contingency machines to cover the electoral event.

All voters registered with the CNE can participate in these internal elections of the Psuv. They will elect the standard bearers of that political organization who will participate in the municipal and regional elections on November 21.

More than 1800 members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Fanb) are deployed as part of Plan República operations.

The second commander of the Integral Defense Operational Zone (Zodi) Yaracuy, G / D Vidal José Francisco Coraspe, reported that, in perfect civic-military-police union, men and women were deployed to guarantee democracy and peace to the people of Yaracuy and the protection of electoral party favors.

Strict control of anticovid measures

Molleja pointed out that in each voting center there will be special personnel who will be in charge of guaranteeing that the health security measures and protocols are complied with to avoid eventual contagion of covid-19.

He warned that no one will be allowed to enter the polling stations without complying with the minimum biosafety measures, such as the use of masks. There will also be a staff stationed at the entrance of the centers to apply alcohol or antibacterial gel to those who enter the premises.

Trujillo is ready with 272 voting centers for 8-A primaries

For the Open Primary Elections this Sunday, August 8 in the state of Trujillo, the National Electoral Council (CNE) has enabled 272 voting centers of the 637 that exist in the state, as well as 272 polling stations.

The information was provided by the coordinator of the CNE regional office, Engelbert Perdomo, who explained that this Friday the centers were completely taken over by the electoral boards, polling station members and the Plan República, and also ensured that 100% of the polling stations were installed.

“In Trujillo state we are ready with technical support for the 2021 regional and municipal primary elections of the Psuv for this Sunday, August 272. All the voting centers have been taken over and the XNUMX voting tables have already been installed, ”he pointed out.

Perdomo indicated that the electoral roll for this process is 551 Trujillo voters registered with the CNE.

He urged the population to go to the voting center this Sunday with the laminated identity card, regardless of whether it is expired, and to comply with the covid-19 prevention measures, such as the correct use of the mask and physical distancing.

Republic Plan deployed

For his part, the commander of the Comprehensive Defense Operational Zone (Zodi) number 23 G / D Lenin Herrera reported that more than 6 personnel from the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Fanb) were deployed in Trujillo territory.

“As is customary when the Electoral Power, protecting the rights of the people in electing their authorities and leaders, activates a process of this type, it requests support from the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, through the Strategic Operational Command (…) orders us to protect the security of the electors and electors, of the electoral processes and also to safeguard the order, control, transfer and protection of the electoral material ”, he indicated.

Herrera pointed out that in addition to the troops, the Zodi made 140 vehicles available to the CNE Regional Electoral Board for the transfer and protection of electoral material. He also referred to the organization of the territory through the Integral Defense Areas (Adi).

“We have applied the new scheme of the territorial defensive system, organizing the territory into three areas of integral defense, namely the structure of the Adi La Ceiba, Boconó and Pampán, each of which will be in charge of seven municipalities and that of Boconó six municipalities, to complete the electoral organizational structure of the state. The Trujillo people feel that the Bolivarian National Armed Forces is fulfilling its constitutional duty and will be attentive to ensuring that the process unfolds in healthy peace and quiet, ”he said.

In a different vein, the members of the regional coordination of Civil Protection and Disaster Administration were deployed with the disinfection day in the 272 voting centers, in compliance with the biosecurity measures against the pandemic and protecting citizens.

In Nueva Esparta, 91 polling stations are enabled

In Nueva Esparta state, everything is ready for the holding of the Open Primary Elections of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) to choose the candidate for governor and the 11 candidates for mayor.

This was reported by the coordinator of the Organization of the Psuv in the insular entity, Junior Gómez, who explained that 91 electoral centers of the 241 that exist were enabled and more than 370 thousand people registered in the Electoral Registry are invited to participate.

He recalled that to know where to vote, each voter can send a text message to 2406 with their identification number and the answer will be sent to the voting center.

“These are open primary elections, that is, everyone who is registered with the CNE can participate, the tables will be open from 6 in the morning, they only have to carry their laminated Identity Card, even expired and comply with the measures of biosecurity. ”, explained Gómez.

He stressed that there are no lines or favorite candidates within the PSUV, the people will consciously decide the candidate of their choice in each of the positions.

For her part, América Pérez, vice president of the PSUV Youth in the eastern region and responsible for the training of the polling station members, assured that the 455 that correspond to the entity received the guidance given by the CNE, both in the training modality online, as in person.

Likewise, Pérez indicated that the Civil Protection teams carried out a special day to disinfect the 91 centers enabled in the state and the CNE has already carried out the process of installing the tables in conjunction with the political teams of the Psuv in 100% of the centers. .

Falcón has 293 electoral centers for primaries

The Falcón office of the National Electoral Council (CNE) indicated this Friday that for the primaries of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) it will have 293 polling stations and the same number of voting tables.

The information was provided by the regional director, Jonathan Naranjo, who stated that for these internal elections of the socialist party the electoral roll is 702.497 Falconians who may vote if they wish.

For his part, Vice Admiral Irwing Pucci, commander of the Comprehensive Defense Operations Zone (Zodi) No. 12 said that the commanders of the military and police units stationed in the entity to activate Operation Republic in which he guaranteed the protection and security of the Due process of elections activated by the CNE, therefore, the voting centers will be duly accompanied by military officials.

Thus, next Sunday the Falconians will choose the candidates who will represent them for the Psuv in the regional and municipal elections scheduled by the electoral body for November 21.

List of 64 electoral months in La Guaira

Members of the polling stations and technical staff of the National Electoral Council (CNE), arrived at the 64 voting centers in La Guaira, to install an electoral month for each center, for the primary elections of the Psuv, this August 8.

For this occasion, the 202 voting centers of the Guaireño coast were brought together to 64, which have an open electoral registry and will be active from 7 am next Sunday.

During a tour of the parishes of La Guaira, it was possible to observe the biosafety and disinfection measures at the entrances of the centers, where the technical tests and diagnoses of the voting machines, means of transmission of the votes (wireless connection, internet and satellite), as well as contingency protocols.

It was known that the installation process was carried out normally and with the participation of the members of the tables and the witness of the red awning.

In La Guaira, veedores, an NGO in voting matters, will be deployed as part of the scaffolding of the electoral process.

222 voting centers will open in Portuguesa for the Psuv primaries

In Portuguese 222 voting centers will open this Sunday for the open primary elections with which the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) will define its candidates for the Interior and the 14 mayors of this state.

Carlos Morillo, director of the National Electoral Council (CNE) in the region, assured that "everything is ready to take on the electoral challenge on Sunday," a day in which the nearly 650.000 voters from Portuguesa registered in the Electoral Registry will be able to participate. May 29, 2021.

He indicated that a voting table will function in each of these spaces, which were installed this Friday and will be constituted on Sunday with 1.110 members.

"The centers should be open to voters at 6:00 in the morning," he declared.

Morillo emphasized the need for voters to comply with all biosecurity measures both in the external and internal areas of the centers and stressed that the facilities have been disinfected since Wednesday 4. "At the end of the election event they will be disinfected again." .

Psuv Táchira will guarantee the Bolivarian Route so that all the revolutionary people go out to vote

From the Vice Presidency of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, mobilization routes have been created, electoral routes that are intended to ensure that all the people of Tachira go out to vote this coming Sunday, August 8, as stated by Freddy Bernal.

He also stated that in the next few hours all the detailed information of the routes will be published both in the social media, as well as in the Psuv networks and its entire structure, "in this way the people in general will know with specifications which will be their journey ”.

With this we are guaranteeing the mobilization of the affections of all the male and female candidates, "this makes it a truly revolutionary and democratic party," he said.

Role of the CNE

In this regard, the Vice President of the Psuv for Táchira clarified that the National Electoral Council will be the technical support to this election process, but it must be remembered that it is an internal party event.

“From the vice presidency of the Psuv we do not have any influence on the methodology, the data or the election mechanism, that is governed by the national electoral leadership. It is impossible for someone at the local, municipal, or regional level to alter, misrepresent, introduce or disturb the electoral process since it is automated by the CNE and governed and monitored by the Electoral Commission ”, he assured.

In Valles del Tuy, 99 voting centers were activated

An average of 99 tables with their electoral machines are enabled in the Valles del Tuy subregion, Miranda state, on the eve of the internal elections of the Psuv that will take place this Sunday.

In the tuyeros axis there is an electoral population of more than 488.788 people. In each polling place there will be a president, a secretary, a principal member and two alternate members.

Grace Paredes, coordinator of the Electoral Technique of the Psuv in Cristóbal Rojas, pointed out that in the Charallavese municipality there are 19 centers and the same number of tables, where 94.100 citizens will vote.

He specified that all the machines were installed, “despite the fact that there was a small problem with a team at the CEI Este Niño Don Simón, located in Los Samanes. However, the situation has already been resolved.

In Paz Castillo (Santa Lucía) the machines were also installed 100% at the 16 tables available in 16 centers for 73.267 voters.

With 89,5% effectiveness, the installation was carried out in Rafael Urdaneta (Cúa), where 17 machines with 19 tables were activated in the same number of cores.

Miguel Laya, coordinator of Electoral Technique of the Psuv in Simón Bolívar, said that with 90,9%, 10 tables out of 11 were installed in voting centers in Yare. «There was a lack of quorum in an election nucleus located in Puente Carrera. But the absence of qualified personnel by the governing body of the process was solved by the militancy. At the same time, with 71,4%, 10 out of 14 polling stations were installed in 14 electoral centers in the municipality of Independencia (Santa Teresa), where there is a population of more than 99.129 voters.

In the tuyera subregion, Tomás Lander (Ocumare) was the only municipality that did not report the installation of tables. In the locality, the CNE activated 20 centers and 20 tables.

Windward. In the Barlovento subregion, the authorities of the National Electoral Council activated 62 centers to receive more than 280 thousand voters. According to the CNE report, in the Acevedo municipality (Caucagua) there are 34 nucleated centers and the same number of tables, which were not activated this Friday due to electrical issues. The same situation occurred in the 12 centers distributed in Brión (Higuerote), while in Andrés Bello (San José de Barlovento) and Buroz (7 tables are active in the same number of centers. In Páez (Río Chico) there are 11 centers and 11 tables In Pedro Gual (Cúpira) there are 6 tables in six centers.

Meanwhile, in the municipality of Zamora (Guatire), 70% of the 20 tables available in 20 centers were activated. And in Plaza (Guarenas) 20 tables were enabled in the same number of centers. All 100% installed. CNE officials will do the activations of the machines this Saturday.


G / D Johan Hernández Lárez, commander of the Integral Defense Operational Zone (Zodi) in Miranda, indicated that there are more than 800 members of the Plan República who guard the 378 electoral centers located in the Mirandina geography.

He explained that the objective is to continue strengthening, together with the people, direct democracy, exercised in the open primary elections, requested by the Psuv.

Officials from the Bolivarian Militia, Bolivarian Army, GNB Operators and CNE personnel participate in the plan. "The security and protection scheme is fine-tuned for the upcoming November 21 elections."

With information from the correspondents: Vivian Ariza, Iralva Moreno, Mayerlin González, Alimar Bueno, Ivannia Moreno, Carlos Vielma, Rebeca Viloria, Tania González, Lisbeth Barboza, Luis Ortega, Kariney Pimentel, Eliana Useche and Airamy Carreño.



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