Vaccination for older adults begins this Tuesday in Anzoátegui

Reference photo

This Tuesday, April 13, the application of the first dose of the Sputnik V vaccine to about 425 older adults in Anzoátegui state begins.

This first day will be held at the sentinel vaccination center set up in the Luis Razzetti hospital in Barcelona, ​​according to the sole regional health authority, Dr. Yemaira Villasmil, when referring to the fact that the elderly have already been summoned.

"People have already been notified through the Patria System and confirmation is currently being made by contacting them one by one by phone," said Villasmil.

The spokeswoman had announced that with the new batch of Russian antigen they will also continue the vaccination plan for health sector workers in the state.

This is the third day of anticovid-19 immunization that has been carried out in the state since February 22, when the national plan began, benefiting health sector workers at the Luis Razetti sentinel hospitals in Barcelona and Felipe Guevara Rojas in The Tiger



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