Coro University Hospital launches modern operating rooms

The delivery was made this Tuesday in the morning by the regional executive, Alfredo Van Grieken

This Tuesday the governor of the state of Falcón, Víctor Clark, delivered a modern wing in the Obstetrics ward of the Alfredo Van Grieken hospital in Coro, it is made up of four operating rooms and a care capacity of 500 births per month.

The unit will have several operating rooms; one obstetric, antepartum, and special obstetric care unit complemented with the areas of newborn care, medical rest, nursing and waitresses, isolation and administration.

Clark said that the effort of the national and regional governments is reflected in a room where women, children and newborns will be cared for. 

"The main reason why this 2021 we continue with force giving results for the Falconian community is seeking the well-being of all," said the regional president.

He checked in a tour the functionality of the modern obstetric ward, and the neatness of the hospitalization spaces.



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