Unes pre-registrations begin in the state of Amazonas

Through the page www.unes.edu.ve they will be able to pre-register.

The National Experimental University of Security (Unes), in the state of Amazonas, began on Monday, March 2021st, the online pre-registration stage of the Basic Process II-XNUMX in the National Training Programs (PNF) for young Amazonians who wish carry out or continue with their academic training in public security careers.

Applicants who are interested may access through the website: www.unes.edu.ve to pre-register for careers at the Amazonas Training Center for Police, Civil Protection and Disaster Administration, Bomberil in Fire Sciences and Fire safety. The process will be open from this Monday, March 1 to April 30, according to the Government of Amazonas through its official account on the social network www.facebook.com/gobamazonas.

Among the requirements demanded for the formalization of the process: original identity card and copy of the applicant, copy of the parents' card, copy of the Bachelor's Degree authenticated with a view to the original, legible birth certificate, Certificate of qualifications of Diversified Media and / or Professional, Proof of single national registration of entry to University Education (Rusnies), Military Registration, letter of good conduct, letter of residence, curriculum summary, Proof of registration of the CNE, copy of the personal bank account number of the Bank of Venezuela, and a recent passport-size photo of the applicant.

All requested documents must be presented when required, in due order within an identified yellow folder. For more information, you can visit the Unes website www.unes.edu.ve.

Meeting for Culture, sport and tourism

The Government of the state of Amazonas reported that the second meeting of the Subcommittee on Culture, Sports and Tourism was held from the headquarters of the Legislative Council of the state of Amazonas, through its competent institutions, where work tables were set up in order to seek strategies that allow the creation of a plan that reactivates the tourism sector as a fundamental engine for the economic development of the state.



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