Trujillo teachers are vaccinated with Sinopharm

Personnel working in public educational institutions and subsidized ones will be immunized

In nine municipalities of Trujillo state, the first phase of immunization with the Sinopharm vaccine is being developed for personnel working in the educational sector, the head of the Educational Zone, Lirosbeya Torres, reported on Tuesday.

He also indicated that the conference takes place at the Ipasme Valera headquarters, in the Comprehensive Community Health Area (Asic) of the municipalities Trujillo (capital), Boconó, Miranda, Bolívar, San Rafael de Carvajal, the Comprehensive Diagnostic Center (CDI ) of Isnotú in the Betijoque municipality, and in the Flor de Patria (Pampán) and Comuna 13 de abril outpatient clinics in Pampanito.

“In joint action with the president of Fundasalud, Dr. Jacqueline Peñaloza and her work team, we have been activating this first vaccination day since yesterday, which is characterized by the participation of teachers, cook mothers, administrative staff, workers, managers and the supervision team ”, the teacher concluded.

Torres thanked the national and regional authorities for "seeking alternative solutions to this pandemic situation" due to covid-19.

For us in the education sector - he added - this is a proof of hope, love and perseverance of our president Nicolás Maduro, to continue advancing in our beautiful Venezuela.

Finally, he stressed that not only will the personnel working in public sector educational institutions but also in subsidized schools be immunized.



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