Trujillo government inaugurates textile factory

Governor Henry Rangel Silva inaugurated this Thursday the Textiles Trujillo anonymous company, located in the Carmania sector of the Valera municipality, in order to offer quality clothing to both public and private companies and the general public.

Rangel Silva pointed out that this company, attached to the Trujillo state government, was possible thanks to an investment of more than 15 thousand dollars, through the Interterritorial Compensation Fund of the Federal Council of Government.

"It is a necessary company within the operation of the government that has generated employment and the production of clothing such as uniforms for the health system, for security agencies, among other agencies," he added.

He stated that the company has 20 women including seamstresses, garment makers, sublimation, cleaning personnel who work in the various areas and two men.

“A workforce of 22 workers in all areas, which allows the production of the piece and the sublimated. It is a company that has given excellent results due to the quality and price of the products ”, he stated.

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He added that Textiles Trujillo CA is an example of medium business entrepreneurship in the entity; He also assured that it is self-sustaining because it does not generate costs to the government since its production pays for the payment of labor benefits, the purchase of raw materials, for the maintenance of equipment and for social work.

It was known that the operating capacity of the company is between 30 and 50 pieces per day.

It should be noted that through the social days, children and low-income people are favored with free T-shirts, pants, pajamas and masks, as a social contribution of the company.

“It is the only textile company of the Bolivarian government that exists in the state and we hope that it will grow over time. This company is made to serve any public, any body be it private or public within and outside the state of Trujillo ”, he pointed out.



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