Trujillanos continue preparing to celebrate beatification of JGH

All activities will be carried out taking into account covid-19 prevention measures. Photo: referential / archive

The president of the Legislative Council of the Trujillo state (Clet), Alfredy Moreno, reported that the regional commission continues to work on what will be the celebration of the beatification of Dr. José Gregorio Hernández, scheduled for April 30.

Moreno said this Monday that the agenda established by the religious commission represented by the rector of the Niño Jesús de Isnotú Shrine is maintained, which is organizing two activities that will take place on April 30 and May 8.

In the coming days - he added - the religious commission will communicate a large part of the schedule, to ensure that the devotees can witness this transcendental religious act and fundamental for the strengthening of faith and our tradition.

Likewise, he communicated that all activities will be carried out taking into account covid-19 prevention measures.

Proclamation for the beatification

On the other hand, the Diocese of Trujillo joined the invitation of the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference to recite this Sunday, during the Eucharistic celebration in honor of Jesus of Mercy, the proclamation for the beatification of Dr. José Gregorio Hernández.

In this regard, Monsignor Benito Méndez, military bishop of Venezuela, stated that with the proclamation of this proclamation: “his faith, hope, service, his charity, his medical and scientific knowledge, his dedication to know medical science to better serve , but above all the example of José Gregorio as a man of faith who is not divorced from life or science ”.

He recalled that for Venezuelans José Gregorio is an example of faith, virtues, hope and charity; He also indicated that there are many reasons to celebrate the beatification of the Venerable son of Isnotú.



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