Trujillo church will celebrate the Semana Mayor with a capacity of 30%

The priest Rubén Delgado, diocesan administrator of the Trujillo state reported, through a statement, the new diocesan guidelines in the face of the strict radicalization of Holy Week by the national government, to protect the population from covid-19 and the Brazilian variant .

In this sense, he mentioned that the Easter ministry corresponding to the Greater Week will be carried out with the privilege of using the media of social communication, such as the Diocese's radio station Radio Paz 98.9 fm, television and social networks.

Delgado pointed out that the Eucharistic celebrations and liturgical services in the parish headquarters will have a capacity of 30%, during daytime hours and closed doors.

“For Palm Sunday we will celebrate the blessing of the palms according to the third way prescribed by the Roman Missal; guaranteeing to the faithful the delivery of the palm, thus avoiding the exchange of the same ”, he pointed out.

On this matter, Gustavo Godoy, the parish priest of the Nuestra Señora de la Paz Cathedral Church, in the Trujillo municipality (capital), indicated that the parishioners will be able to attend the Holy Eucharist this Sunday at eight o'clock and at 10 o'clock in the morning, fulfilling all biosecurity measures to prevent covid-19.

“The Catholic faithful of Trujillo will be able to attend Mother Cathedral parish this Sunday with a capacity of 30%, that is, a maximum of 100 people per mass. For the blessing of the bouquets this Sunday at eight o'clock and at 10 o'clock in the morning it will be the Holy Eucharist and there we will deliver the palms, the people receive them when they arrive and at the end of the mass they are blessed, "he said.

Godoy also referred to the programming of the Masses for Holy Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, which will be at 8:00 in the morning, in which “we will pray for the deceased, for the migrants and on Holy Wednesday we will pray to the Nazarene. for the health of all the sick. Then the holy Easter triduum begins on Thursday when we will have Monsignor Benito Méndez, military bishop, officiating the mass as well as on Good Friday. And on Holy Saturday will be the Easter vigil at five in the afternoon, with the blessing of water and fire ”.  

Father Godoy added that all the programming will be broadcast by the Paz 98.9 fm station and the Cathedral's social networks.

Finally, the administrator of the Trujillo State Diocese Rubén Delgado urged the priests to take extreme measures of biosecurity, in order to promote the culture of care, preservation of life and health in the presence of the coronavirus.

“May the celebration of this Holy Week in the midst of this sustained and radicalized confinement be a reason for hope and encouragement for the believing people. May Jesus Christ, dead and risen, allow us to free us from this difficult moment in our history ”, he said.



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