India-Venezuela cooperation ties will be strengthened from Guárico

From the Guárico state, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Republic of India ratified bilateral cooperation ties between nations, taking into account the potentialities present in the cultural, economic and commercial sectors.

To plan and consolidate strategic actions, working groups were established headed by the Hindu ambassador, Abhishek Singh; the representation of the Venezuelan government in the plains state, G / D Roger Cordero Lara, secretary of government in Guárico; María Chávez, president of the Legislative Council and other representatives of the Indian Republic and regional authorities.

Therefore, the international delegate Abhishek Singh, pointed out that this action is related to the celebration of 75 years of independence consolidated by the Indian Republic, with the vision of strengthening the bonds of brotherhood between the nations of the world in the face of the pandemic, this being the mission during his visit to Guariqueño territory.

Next, he said that this independence celebration linked to strengthening ties of friendship between nations, contains various elements that correspond to: the philosophy of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam", a statement is recited as a signature of benevolence
Hindu towards others and is often used to promote a spirit of unconditional generosity towards others, starting from there the need to raise international cooperation to provide comprehensive mutual support.

As a second element, the cultural exchange understood by the diversity in terms of Hindu dance in its different modalities was mentioned, which enhances spirituality and the balance of being in connection with the environment; This is followed by the action of promoting the practice of yoga in the corner as a relaxation and strategic technique for physical integrity, for which the Embassy of India in Venezuela stated that it will provide full support with the necessary elements for the development of the same.

The fourth place corresponds to the promotion and dissemination of cinematographic content developed by the largest industry in India, Bollywood, while in fifth place, the gastronomic theme and culinary customs between both nations.

For his part, G / D Roger Cordero Lara, Guárico's government secretary on behalf of Governor José Vásquez, said that from the Llanera entity they also make themselves available in terms of agricultural and industrial exchange, where cereal items such as rice and other exploitation strategies such as cotton for the textile area.



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