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Removed scrap metal and tarantines in Barcelona

The mayor of Barcelona, ​​capital of the Anzoátegui state, started an operation to order the removal of tarantines and scrap metal from sidewalks and public roads, but owners and merchants who do not comply with the measure will also be sanctioned.

The action, as reported by Mayor Sugey Herrera, is being carried out in order to regain free movement of both vehicles and pedestrians in the city.

He said that through the urban planning department, and with the accompaniment of municipal police officials, he began the operation to immediately address the 10 prioritized routes of the "Barcelona is everything" plan, and where obstacles are being identified arranged in public spaces and ordering their immediate removal.

The local president pointed out that they will carry out the operation in the avenues Armed Forces, Pedro María Freites, Cumanagotos, Centurión, El Ejército, Alterna Argimiro Gabaldón, Intercomunal Jorge Rodríguez, Juan de Urpín and Sucre street (Sucre neighborhood).

For his part, the director of urban planning and cadastre, Ramón Yánez explained that the tarantín or scrap that is not removed by the owners will be confiscated by the municipality.

“The merchant must immediately withdraw the indicated item (s), within a period of 24 hours. Failure to comply with this order will proceed to the confiscation of such objects; carrying sanctions and the payment of a fine before the Sabbath (tax administration service) ”, he added.

Yánez recalled that the plan is permanent and is executed in accordance with the provisions of Article 44 of the Simón Bolívar Municipality Zoning Ordinance, "the installation of advertisements, fences, lollipops, awnings, tables, shelves or any other type is not allowed. of fixed or removable objects that cause disturbances to third parties or hinder free movement on public roads ”.