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They will rehabilitate the Calabozo Water Treatment Plant system

The Minister of Popular Power for Waters, G / D Rodolfo Marco Torres, together with the Governor of Guárico state, José Vásquez, announced the start of the comprehensive rehabilitation of the Calabozo Water Treatment Plant, Francisco de Miranda municipality.

The work began with the reactivation of the solid substances dosing process, which was inoperative, allowing the vital liquid to be treated to make it appear crystalline.

The minister pointed out that this project is being developed in partnership between the Ministry-Government-Mayor's Office, for which the acquisition of an engine with its respective pumping equipment and 150hp panel was achieved, which will be incorporated into the plant's upper pumping network. as a second element, allowing to increase the distribution flow with 180 liters per second.

Likewise, within the planning to be carried out, the optimization of the water adduction and capture equipment located within the Guárico Dam is foreseen, this being the first source that feeds the plant.

Said Water Treatment Plant represents the supply of 90% of the population of the Calabozo parish, benefiting more than 160.000 inhabitants.

In this same context, two Brigades of the Popular Power for Water Attention (Brippas) belonging to the Francisco de Miranda and Julián Mellado municipalities were sworn in, which will contribute to the improvement of the interconnected drinking water distribution network from the communities, by repairing leaks.