They will distribute more than 63 thousand gas cylinders in Nueva Esparta

Photo: referential

This Saturday a ship loaded with 9.000 barrels of liquefied petroleum gas arrived in Nueva Esparta, equivalent to 63.350 cylinders which will be distributed in the 11 municipalities of Nueva Esparta state, through the company Dinesa Gas in conjunction with the Local Supply and Production Committees (Clap).

The information was released by the protector of the island entity Dante Rivas, who said that communities that do not have the service will be attended immediately.

“The ship arrived and we are immediately distributing the gas. This Saturday, June 27, we distributed a total of 3.846 10-kilo cylinders in 25 sectors of the municipalities of Antolín del Campo, Arismendi, Díaz, Maneiro, Gómez and Macanao Peninsula. As of Monday, the rest of the state's municipalities will be served, thanks to the support provided by President Nicolás Maduro and PDVSA Gas, ”said Rivas. 



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