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They vaccinated a crowd at the Eulalia Buroz school in Cúa

More than 300 people were immunized against covid-19 at the Eulalia Buroz Initial Education Center (CEI) in the central part of the Rafael Urdaneta municipality (Cúa), Miranda state.

People were given the first dose of the Vero Cell vaccine, as part of the Mass Vaccination Day. Juan Carrasquel, a member of the Bolívar Chávez (Ubch) Eulalia Buroz Battle Unit, pointed out that the inoculation session against the SARS-CoV-2 virus was articulated by the leaders of the Local Supply and Production Committee (Clap).

The community and street leaders made a process of recruiting people over 18 years of age to 59 years of age for the application of vaccines against the coronavirus. At school they also vaccinated children and adolescents with the doses of pentavalent, toxoid, trivalent viral, hepatitis and yellow fever. 

The pregnant women, with more than 14 weeks, were given multivitamins and application of toxoid, as well as the drug Vero Cell. There was a nutritional evaluation, deworming intake and delivery of micronutrients for the children who required it according to their vulnerability.


Dr. Maira Romo, director of municipal Health, added that 1.668 new doses of the Vero Cell vaccine, both first and second doses, were applied at the Dr. Osío de Cúa Hospital and at the Las Brisas Comprehensive Diagnosis Center (Cdi), during September 13 and 18 in the town.

Simultaneously, the personnel of the Nueva Cúa and Lecumberry Comprehensive Community Health Areas (ASIC) were deployed in the Santa Rosa urbanization and communities of its point and circle for the application of house-to-house vaccines. "People in bed, with disabilities, older adults and pregnant women who have not needed to travel to the vaccination point have been favored," said Romo.