Urge to denounce those who charge for care at Guatire Hospital

Authorities apply corrective measures in the hospital. Photo: Courtesy of the Mayor's Office of Zamora

The mayor of the Zamora municipality (Guatire), Hugo Martínez, ratified the free services of the General Hospital Dr. Eugenio P. D 'Bellard of that Mirandian town and urged the population to denounce the charge for the care of a patient and that no one can become a participant in this irregularity.

Martínez asserted that citizens can file a complaint through the telephone number 0424-2339832.

He assured that they apply corrective measures to the staff of that hospital to guarantee the performance and care of patients infected by covid-19, whose number is increasing. The governor of Miranda, Héctor Rodríguez, gave guidelines to open new spaces for the treatment of the disease.  

In an interview carried out in a space of a station in Zamora, he said that - in conjunction with Governor Héctor Rodríguez - they open new spaces for the treatment of people affected by the new variant of the virus because they present respiratory complications and require oxygen, existing fluid at the General Hospital due to the recovery of the supply system.

He made a conscience call for people to refrain from stealing the pressure gauges because they threaten the lives of patients.

The mayor recommended that the population participate in a chain of prayer that will last 100 days, which is broadcast by local stations and on social networks, at 10:00 pm, to ask for protection against the virus and call for health , the prosperity and peace of the municipality, the state and the nation.



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