Dining program in the hospital of the Guarican capital is strengthened

A first phase will be starting to benefit workers in the emergency and covid-19 care areas. Photo: courtesy Guárico Government.

In Guárico state, they strengthen the food program with the provision of supplies to the dining room of the Dr. Israel Ranuarez Balza Hospital, in the city of San Juan de los Morros, an action that is intended for the benefit of health workers.

The director of the hospital center, Neormiy Aldana, said that this planning aims to serve all personnel working in the facilities, where it will be starting in a first phase for the benefit of workers in the emergency areas and specialized care of the covid -19, which will be spreading progressively.

He pointed out that simultaneously the feeding program is maintained for patients who are admitted to the hospital, receiving comprehensive care during their improvement and nutrition.

For her part, the mayor of the municipality Juan Germán Roscio Nieves, Mayerling Colmenares, added that in the same way the provision of medical supplies was carried out in order to strengthen the areas of care, being these: injectors, gauze,
masks, gloves and others, also adding cleaning and maintenance items for the care of internal spaces.

In relation to the food issue, Colmenares explained that the Ministry of Popular Power for Food and the Ministry of Social Development of the Government will be carried out on a monthly basis, noting that this
articulation it is expected that other Comprehensive Diagnosis Centers and Hospitals will also be addressed soon.



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