They sold 6 tons of sea species in Valles del Tuy

Photo: Keila Correa

The "Fish Protein Fairs" of the Sociedad Anónima de Pescado Miranda (Sapem) reached three municipalities in Valles del Tuy, Miranda state, where they sold six tons of species from the sea.

From the facilities of the Don Simón Rodríguez railway station in Charallave Sur, Johan Rodríguez, president of the Sociedad Anónima de Pescado Miranda, indicated that with the support of the Government of Miranda and the Mayor's Offices of Cristóbal Rojas, Independencia and Rafael Urdaneta, seven points were established of fish protein distribution in the Mirandina subregion.

One of the points located on the outskirts of the aforementioned railway station, the second in the El Campito sector, the third in the Ciudad Miranda urbanization, another in the Milagro de Dios sector and one in the Las Brisas de Charallave parish.

In the El Cartanal parish of the Independencia municipality a distribution point was also installed. And in the Ciudad Zamora urbanization in Cúa the other fish protein sales stand was implemented.

“At each of the fairs we offered a ton of seafood. There was a diversity of 15 species, at reasonable prices compared to the capitalist market, for the benefit of the people, "said Rodríguez.

Among the species of the sea sold are the whole sardine and stem, smooth, cataco, cabin, corocoro, ray, kingfish, dorado, snapper, squid and Caribbean tuna, among other fishing proteins.

Ángel Nassi, leader of Community Government No. 5 in Cúa, said that the fair benefits families, who can purchase protein from the sea at prices lower than those found in the commercial market.

For his part, Guillermo Henríquez, a resident of Ciudad Zamora, thanked Governor Héctor Rodríguez and Mayor Gabriela Simoza for the conference organized by the Secretary of Productive Economy of the Mayor's Office of Rafael Urdaneta.



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