They seek the massification of sports and culture in Trujillo

Movement for Peace and Life continues to recover spaces for recreation

The Movement for Peace and Life began the recovery of two sports fields in the Valera municipality in the Trujillo state, with the aim of preparing spaces for cultural and sports overcrowding in the La Floresta and San Luis sectors.

From the Las Mercedes field, in the La Floresta sector of the city of Valera, the presidential high commissioner for Peace and Life, Alexander "Mimou" Vargas announced the recovery of both this sports space and 15 to 20 more "to support sports talent and comply with the instruction of our president Nicolás Maduro to promote sports as a tool for peace and unity ”.

Vargas also delivered 20 sports kits to the same number of peace centers in the region.  

"We are delivering 20 peace nuclei with their sports equipment, timers, whistles, balls, to all those community schools that exist in the state of Trujillo," he said.

Later, the high commissioner together with the national and regional team of the Movement and the candidates for the Psuv and the Great Patriotic Pole, participated in the great sporting event "Trujillo moves for Peace and Life", which was carried out in the El Milagro sector of the city of Valera.

"Here around 3 people are doing sports and culture (...) that the Movement for Peace and Life goes to all spaces, bringing sports and cultural crowds," he said.

Regarding the plans for Trujillo state by the Movement for Peace and Life, Vargas affirmed that “what is coming is good for Venezuela and for Trujillo, from the movement we are designing a plan in sports, culture, society and in the urban with the artists so that they go to the neighborhood, it is a high-level massification plan ”.

It should be noted that in the great sports shot "Trujillo moves for Peace and Life" there were dance demonstrations, singing, basketball, futsal and volleyball samples; Children, youth and adults from the Juan Ignacio Montilla parish of the Valera municipality participated in the activity.

Alexander "Mimou" Vargas announced the recovery of both this sports space and 15 to 20 more


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