Polimonagas headquarters are rehabilitated for more than 2 thousand employees

They deliver 20 motorcycles in Polimonagas.

More than 2 officials of the Socialist Police of the Monagas state (Polimonagas) were dignified with the rehabilitation of the headquarters and the provision of equipment to the police agency.

The governor Yelitze Santaella, the mayor of Maturín, Wilfredo Ordaz, together with the sector vice president for citizen security and Minister of Popular Power for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace, Admiral in Chief, Carmen Meléndez, toured the PoliMonagas headquarters to verify the adjustments and deliver the equipment.

The refurbishment works were carried out by the Government through the Institute of Infrastructure, Ecosocialism, Habitat and Housing of the Monagas state (InfraMonagas), within the framework of the Carabobo 200 Plan and the endowment was carried out through the Mission Guardians of the Homeland.


Lauribeth Navas, president of InfraMonagas pointed out that the crews of workers from the Interior worked on the adaptation and application of paint in more than 8 square meters in areas such as: Sports field; main façade, identification fence, internal walls, “Nuestra Señora del Carmen” sanctuary church, “General Commissioner Carmelo Maracay” auditorium, “Zara de Escobar” medicine service, departments of the Disciplinary Council and Criminal Investigation, among other areas.

The ceiling structure of the auditorium, the kitchen-dining room and the parking area were also replaced and the lighting system wiring was maintained in all areas, as well as the installation of 13 air conditioners (5 units of 12 thousand BTU, 4 units of 5 tons and 4 of 18 thousand BTU).

Radio patrols 

This Thursday, Minister Meléndez also delivered 26 patrol units, including 20 motorcycles, work equipment and implements, and appliances to the Monagas State Police Corps. During his visit, he evaluated the rehabilitation works completed at the headquarters of this police force.

The Admiral in Chief explained that during her visit to the Monaco region, they assigned equipment, food, medicines and technical aids to the different security institutions that are active in the entity. He indicated that this Mission, daughter of the Great Peace Quadrant Mission, travels throughout the country, as an instruction from President Nicolás Maduro, to dignify the men and women who guarantee the peace of the people.

For her part, Governor Santaella thanked the visit and staff assigned by Meléndez to the security agencies, also favoring the officials, with uniforms, boots, washing machines, kitchens, cell phones and tires.



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