They rehabilitate hospitals in Falcón and expand covid diagnostic centers

During a tour of the governor of Falcón, Víctor Clark, through various hospitals in the Falconian capital, he pointed out that the health system in the entity is at the forefront of the country with the comprehensive restoration of significant areas in the Alfredo Van Grieken hospitals (Coro ), Calles Sierra (Punto Fijo), Lino Arévalo (Tucacas), Simón Bolívar (Pueblo Nuevo) and other healthcare centers, for the provision of a quality service.

The regional president pointed out that operations are on the rise in terms of covid-19 patient care, due to the installation of early diagnosis centers in the outpatient network, which has allowed active cases to be treated efficiently and in an organized manner, as well as to equip with medical supplies for the treatment of this deadly virus in the region.

He recalled that until this Thursday # 8Jul in Falcón, more than 5 people have been vaccinated, guaranteeing in this efficient and timely manner the health protection of the community.



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