They reactivate the water supply to 350 families in Maturín

Governor Yelitze Santaella and the president of Aguas de Monagas, Darquis Barreto, inspect the installation of the 58 HP pump. Photo: courtesy Mildred Fuentes.

With the installation of a 58 hp submersible pump, storage capacity was increased in the catchment area of ​​the Lower Guarapiche Water Treatment Plant in the city of Maturín. The governor of Monagas, Yelitze Santaella, and the president of Aguas de Monagas, Darquis Barreto, supervised the work carried out by the hydrological engineers and technicians.

Santaella explained that with the installation of the equipment it is possible to capture 150 liters per second for the plant's storage room. The regional president assured that, despite the pandemic situation, the Bolivarian Government does not stop serving the people in terms of public services: “that is why we are here accompanying the procedure for the replacement of this piece that plays such a role important in the collection of water in the Bajo Guarapiche plant ”.

For her part, the president of the hydrology company stated: "in this procedure the previous equipment that presented failures on April 5 was replaced, after carrying out a technical assessment." Barreto explained that “once the pump is reactivated in the plant's catchment area, we will be able to obtain a greater amount of water per second, which will be reflected in the increase in the storage capacity in the tanks to later be distributed to the communities of Maturín ”.   

Well in El Abanico is reactivated 

A 15 hp pump was donated by the governor, Yelitze Santaella, to the El Abanico sector of the Alto de Los Godos parish in Maturín, which made it possible to reactivate the drinking water supply for the benefit of 350 families.

The technical team of the Aguas de Monagas hydrological company made possible the installation of the submersible pump. The president of the water treatment plant reported that an investment of $ 3 was allocated to carry out this project.

He recalled that the regional president follows the line of President Nicolás Maduro through the Carabobo 200 Plan for attention to public services, injecting a large amount of resources into the acquisition of submersible pumps for the activation of water wells in communities such as Los Guaritos , La Puente, La Gran Victoria, Bellos Horizontes, La Constituent, and Sabana Grande, among others.



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