They put Guaireños on the waist in a radical week

The biosecurity device began in the Maiquetía parish.

Officials from various security forces of La Guaira will be deployed in commercial areas and neighborhoods hard this radical week in a special biosecurity device, in order to reduce the rates of covid-19 infections in the region.

For this, 1.500 officials will be active between state police forces, Civil Protection and special bodies, in order to carry out control and compliance tasks with biosafety measures, permitted commercial activities and the flow of people walking on the street, said José Manuel Suárez, governor (E) of La Guaira.

The biosecurity device began in the Maiquetía parish, one of the main commercial areas of the Guaireño coast, where more than ten shops in the footwear, furniture and electrical appliances sector that were not authorized to work during this radical week were closed.

The governor of La Guaira indicated that the businesses allowed to work this radical week are: markets, bodegones, supermarkets, bakeries and all commercial activity related to the food sector, as well as the areas of health, transportation, hardware stores and others.

He called on the population for the mandatory use of face masks, use of antibacterial gel, social distancing and avoid the crowding of people, "we are working to prevent the spread of covid-19, it is everyone's job to neutralize it and not allow its spread ”.

Beaches, rivers and spas will be closed during this week, the beach kiosks that are near the main avenue will only be able to sell take away food.



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