Anticovid disinfection intensifies in Anzoátegui state

This Monday they will sanitize 4 municipal markets in Puerto La Cruz and Barcelona

Stops of the public transport system, health centers, municipal markets, land and sea terminals are prioritized in the second massive disinfection and sanitation plan against covid-19 that is being carried out in the 21 municipalities of the Anzoátegui state

The first day, held this Friday, April 2, addressed some 40 public transport stops in Barcelona, ​​Puerto La Cruz, Lechería and Guanta, which connect the four municipalities of the metropolitan area of ​​the state.

Deputy Luis José Marcano, accompanied by Civil Protection and Firefighters officials, reported that sanitation consists of washing with soap and water and subsequent disinfection with sodium hypochlorite, "necessary to stop the chain of infections from the pandemic."

He highlighted that on Saturday the 3rd, simultaneous disinfection days were held at the CDI Tito González and José David Sambrano de Guanta outpatient clinic. In Puerto La Cruz, the CDI Fabricio Ojeda, Paraíso and Donato Carmona, the IVSS hospital César Rodríguez and the Jesús de Nazareth popular clinic were visited. On the same date they also addressed the spaces of the CDI and the municipal clinic of Lechería.

In Barcelona, ​​officials cleaned up the spaces of the IVSS Domingo Guzmán Lander hospital, the Alí Romero outpatient clinic, the José Martí de Tronconal high-tech center and the CDIs of Mesones, La Matanza, El Viñedo and Naricual.

The Luis Razetti sentinel hospital in Barcelona, ​​and its pediatric annex, were treated in a comprehensive day held on Sunday 4.

The also political protector of the state, asserted that "officials of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), police agencies and cleaning crews of mayors and protectorates have joined the task and it will be extended during the month of April."

For Monday 5, the disinfection crews are scheduled to sanitize four municipal markets in Puerto La Cruz and Barcelona.

On Tuesday 6 they will board the maritime terminals of Puerto La Cruz and Guanta.



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