Installed in Bolívar Subcommission of Basic Companies and Mining of the AN

Marcano directed the first session of the Subcommittee on Basic Companies and Mining

Once the Basic Companies and Mining Subcommittee of the National Assembly was installed in Bolívar state, it was possible to know and evaluate the production process of the aluminum sector during 2020, in addition to its projections for the next three years, highlighted deputy Ángel Marcano , along with their homonyms José Ramón Rivero and Roy Quiaragua.

During the first session, the presidents of the industries that make up the Guiana aluminum sector participated. The holders of CVG Bauxilum, CVG Venalum, CVG Cabelum, CVG Alcasa and CVG Carbonorca presented their respective balance sheets with the workforce at the Venalum amphitheater.

Marcano, who chairs the Subcommittee, made reference to the work that the Productive Councils of Workers (CPTT) have done so far to promote and promote the productive development of the industrial park and in the leverage of the national economic system they seek growth and commercial expansion .

"The subcommittee will have the fundamental task of supervising everything related to the production plans of the basic industries and mining, as well as the work carried out by the working class in the fulfillment of the goals, we count on the effort made by the CPTT to overcome sanctions and economic blockades, "said the legislator.

Finally, he announced that in the second session he will meet with the CPTTs of the aluminum sector and next week he will receive the balance of the iron-steel sector. “The working class has come forward with effort and dedication, by developing science and technology from the social process of work, resolving critical knots in raw materials, equipment, spare parts and supplies, that is why for Venezuela an important industrial growth is warned independently economic ”, concluded Marcano.



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